The booklet of Moors and Christians of Dénia is published for the first time in a digital version

August 04 from 2022 - 10: 01

The Federation of Moors and Christians of Dénia (FEMMICC Dénia) makes its book visible among all Dianense citizens. This specimen, coordinated together with the Majorals of Sant Roc, has been published since 1980, but this is the first year that it is launched in a digital version.

With this initiative, the Federation of Moors and Christians plans to reach all Dianenses.

The book of Moors and Christians of Dénia will be distributed among the festeros and the festeras

Despite launching the digital version, the FEMMICC Dénia continues to maintain the paper version. In this case, he will send each of the rows a copy for each festero or festero. In addition, the Sant Roc Majorals will also have a manual and some copies will be sent to the institutions that have supported the festival, which this year has been declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest. In total 600 printed copies.

History, festival program and much more in the book of the Moors and Christians of Dénia

The president of the Federation of Moors and Christians of Dénia, Sonia Pérez, has assured that this year's book has the entire history of the festival of the Moors and Christians of Dénia, in addition to all the information of each of the faithful dianenses; Deniers, Marins Corsairs, Guerrers Hospitalaris, Cavallers del Me'n Fot, templaris, Mozarabs, Almogavers and Creuats, by the christian side y, Amiries, almorávides, Alkamar, walies, Amazigh, berebers- Tuareg, Barbary pirates y Abencerrages by the Moorish side.

In addition, this edition has several articles on the Torre del Gerro, the last parade, the music and other aspects that mark the Moors and Christians festival in Dénia, in addition to the festival program.

You can download the copy in the following link.

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