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Moors and Christians in Dénia

21 June 2015 - 12: 30

Every year, in the month of August, music and history take to the streets of Dénia to celebrate the festivities of Moors and Christians, festivals that were born in the year 1980 and that with the passage of time add followers that make it grow.


The great days of the Moors and Christians in Denia are the 13 to 16 August, but the first weekend of the month marks the start of celebrations with festive opening speech and handing over the keys of the city by the authorities in the Plaza del Consell, one of the iconic scenes of the party.

In the days before the feast, the captaincies of each year bring together the revelers in their receptions, and the Artistic Musical Agrupació de Dénia player in the concert of festive music featuring pieces joined the celebration is made.


The August 13 give the great days beginning with the landing of the Moors in the waters of Dénia. In the port they are received by Christians and together sign the truce under the watchful gaze of thousands of people. A truce inviting them to live together in the days ahead.

The August 14 the protagonists are the future of the party, the smallest, parading their finery for the city center. A children's parade has won in spectacular every year.

The central day of the celebrations of Moors and Christians in Denia is the 15 August, when more than 25.000 people gather in Calle Marqués field Area to enjoy the gala parade. A long-awaited appointment by revelers, especially the captaincies, working hard all year to offer a spectacle worthy of admiration.

Dénia gala parade 2014 - Filà Hospitalaris

The Moors and Christians in Denia ends August 16. That day, Moors and Christians are engaged in a battle for this land as conquerors giving Christians and causes the abandonment of the Moorish troops.

Filaes that make up the Moors and Christians in Dénia

Currently are 16 the filaes that make up the Moors and Christians, a number that has grown significantly in recent years since the year 1997 women at a party in which so far had no representation is incorporated.

blackberries filaes

  • Abencerrages
  • Alkamar
  • almorávides
  • Amazigh
  • Amiries
  • Berebers-Tuaregs
  • Barbary pirates
  • walies

Mulberries filaes shields Denia

Christian filaes

  • Almogàvers
  • cavallers
  • Creuats
  • deniers
  • Guerrers Hospitalaris
  • Marins Corsaris
  • Mozarabs
  • templaris

Christian Filaes shields Denia

Desiganción captaincy, captains and bearers

Each year there are two captaincies, a blackberry and another Christian, which are rotating and occur from row to row in order of seniority. Each captain decides who shall hold capitantes charges and flag bearers, either by vote or by proposal concerned.

Gala parade - Christian Captaincy Marins Corsaris

The captains are the protagonists figures of the party, always accompanied by their bearers, and are those lucan on top of the floats parading through the streets of Dénia in the gala parade August 15.

In the days before the holidays, and also the Mig Any celebration in February, the captaincies receive numerous guests at receptions organized

History of the party in Dénia

The history of the Moors and Christians in Denia dates back to 1980 when a group of lovers of the party formed by Luis Villó, Julian Pérez Ayuso, José Antonio Sánchez Gómez, Antonio Timoner, Pangel and Raúl Albi, spoke with councilman celebrations of the time, Thomas Chiner. The proposal was to test and introduce the party in summer to coincide with the patron celebrations in honor of Sant Roc.

The initiative had the support of the then mayor, Luis García Cuello, and began the work of preparing the program and composing some lines. This is how the filaes were born almorávides, Amiries, Deniers and the germ of what would be the filà walies.

captains 1984

The letter of this test was the party 15 August with a gala parade in which there was no ostentation, no captains, and spectacular costumes. Only festeros and lots of music that encouraged people who were on the street Marqués de Campo.

Following the success of this test were many people who were interested in joining the party and was born in 1981 filà Gavilans, which would later be called Cavallers del Me'n Fot. Over the years the program was outlined with a Moorish and a Christian landing, the delivery of the keys by the mayor on duty and parliaments.

In the 1984 year two new filaes, Berbers and join Pirates, also born that year and the figure of the captains. Four years later FILA Templaris joined the Christian side.

In 1990, after several years of presidency Manolo Ferrer, takes over as president of the Association of Moros y Cristianos (AMMICC) Julian Pérez Ayuso. Three years later, he works hand in hand with the Brotherhood of Sant Roc unso to draft statutes of unification of the party.

Battle Street Campos

Already in 1995, the drafting of a new constitution leaves open to the incorporation of women to the party door, which became effective in the year 1997. These are the years of presidency of José Antonio Sánchez Gómez, who introduced the figure of the town crier, amended the act of handing over the keys and moved to the Plaza del Consell and introduced the figure of the standard bearers of the party.

La filà Almogàvers It was the first formed by women, which began its journey at the party in 1997, the same year that the filà Saqàliba was founded. It is the year of the first children's parade. Two years later, in 1999, the second women's filà, Alkamar, joined the party.

1999 noted for being the only year in which the party could not be held completely. A terrible fire in the Montgó declared August 15 forced to take the decision to suspend the gala parade. After extinguishing the fire, August 16 partially resumed the program and gala parade with the means available.

In the year 2000, and the incorporation of Christian filà Mozarabes, the round figure of 10 filaes is reached. Vicent Crespo rises to the presidency of the Association in 2001 and one of his first measures is the purchase of a boat to celebrate the Moorish landing.

One year later, in 2002, born Christian filà Marins Corsaris, and the herdsmen of Sant Roc participating for the first time in the gala parade 15 August day.

Meeting of presidents of the AMMICC

2004 stands out for the presidency of a woman for the first time. MªJesús Monfort saw how Marins Corsaris, Amazigh and Tuaregs, that would end up merging with Berebers. Monfort's replacement in the presidency is taken by another woman, Amparo Mata, who introduces changes in the order of the gala parade so that the captainships are the ones who close the parades on each side.

In 2011 assumes the presidency of the AMMICC the current president, Josele Maldonado, among other decisions, the Association becomes a federation.

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