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Filà Alkamar

27 June 2015 - 17: 03

Filà Alkamar

In the 1999 year some women from Dénia made history by forming the first filà of the Moorish women's camp: the Filà Alkamar. The girls of the half moon stand out for their maroon djellaba with silver embroidered moons. Altogether this group 33 women of all ages.

Reception Mora - Filà Alkamar

Origin of its name

The name chosen by this group was 'the moon' in Arabic, Al-kamar, a moon very present in their clothing and in their banner and that has marked them to the point of creating their own blackberry march, Daughters of the MoonAn adaptation of the classic Mecano created by the musician Dianense Javier Pinto.

Primers ORT FILA Alkamar

  • Año 2000: Mª Jesús Monfort
  • Año 2001: Amparo Mata
  • Año 2002: Belín Pérez
  • Año 2003: Tona Juarez
  • Año 2004: Fanny Font
  • Año 2005: Amparo Minguillón
  • Año 2006: Lita Pérez
  • Año 2007: Mabel Buigues
  • Año 2008: Belín Pérez
  • Año 2009: Mariló Cerveto
  • Año 2010: Eli Maldonado
  • Año 2011: Barbara Brombierstäudl
  • Año 2012: Mariló Barber
  • Año 2013: Cristina Ygarza
  • Año 2014: Yoli Marco
  • Año 2015: Mariló Cerveto


In the 2015 year, FILA Alkamar holds the third captaincy of its history. Mabel Buigues will be the captain and will be accompanied by his nephew, Vicent Buigues, as standard bearer.

Vicent Buigues Buigues and Mabel

In the 2003 year they flaunted his first captaincy, with Marco Chelo as captain and Pedro Costa, his son, as a champion. Les took over in 2008, the captain Lita Perez and Jaime Vengut champion.


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