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Filà Amazigh

28 June 2015 - 09: 53

Filà Amazigh

La filà Amazigh It is a filà of women belonging to the Moorish side formed in 2005, when a group of friends was encouraged to create their own formation to participate in the festivities of Moors and Christians Denia, becoming the second line of women's Moors and the third to join the party.

15 Parties Dénia - Entraeta of Moors and Christians - Amazigh

His clothing consists of a blue baggy trousers, a dark blue sash with gold beads, shirt and white shoes. Occasionally, as in the celebration of Mig Any party, changed his uniform for a blue caftan with gold trim.

Origin of its name

Amazigh Berber means are persons belonging to an indigenous ethnic group of North Africa called Tamazgha. It is an indomitable people with character, who has resisted several takeover attempts by the dominant culture over the centuries.

Primers Tró of the Amazigh filà

  • Año 2005: Margarita Lozano
  • Año 2006: Beatriz Caro
  • Año 2007: Milagros López
  • Año 2008: Elsa Pinedo
  • Año 2009: Carmen Sanchez
  • Año 2010: Mª Jesús Monfort
  • Año 2011: MªCarmen Pinedo
  • Año 2012: Marieta Salvà
  • Año 2013: Inma Galán
  • Año 2014: Gloria Martín
  • Año 2015: Nieves Moreno


Since its formation in 2005, the Amazigh filà has held a unique captaincy, in the year 2010. The captain was Faieza Younes and Luis Ballester flagman.


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