Filà Abencerrages

27 June 2015 - 16: 23

Filà Abencerrages

Founded in 2006, the Filá Abencerrages It is one of the youngest parties Moors and Christians Denia. It belongs to the Moors, this row has about 25 revelers on their lists distinguished by their red bloomers, his white shirt and black vest with gold lettering.

The Abencerrajes row at the Moors and Christians

Origin of its name

From Granada, the lineage of knights called Abencerrajes were highly esteemed by the king, knights and ordinary people. They tell the stories that came out winners Abencerrages of all battles, still rule and law throughout the kingdom, always willing to help others.

Primers ORT FILA Abencerrages

  • Año 2007: Juan Sapena
  • Año 2008: Emilio Roselló
  • Año 2009: David Ochoa
  • Año 2010: Adrián Verdú
  • Año 2011: Manolo Mahiques
  • Año 2012: Pablo Vera
  • Año 2013: Juan Sapena
  • Año 2014: Carlos Martínez
  • Año 2015: Manuel Sánchez


So far, the Abencerrajes Filá has held only one captaincy in the year 2013. The captain was Rafa Cheli and championed his wife, Adela Marzá. FILA managed to recreate the entrance captain dianenses land with a loaded content and very surprising pageantry.

His next captaincy will be in the year 2019-2020.


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