Repair your hair, straighten, accentuate waves and gain volume with 'Enzymo Therapy' at Dorita and Inma Estilistas

January 23 from 2017 - 00: 32

Dorita and Inma Stylists It presents an innovative and outstanding results for your hair treatment.

'Enzymo Therapy' of the Belma Kosmetik brand, has been selected for you by Dorita and Inma Estiliastas so you can have the latest in organic straightening without any formaldehyde.

In addition to getting a free straight hair frizz, Enzymol Therapy also give you the volume you need and accentuate your waves.

Thanks to enzymes and tannic acid develops a unique system that leaves your hair smooth activated by the heat. Enzymes get the chemical reaction proceeds faster and tannic acid achieves a molecular restructuring called enzyme-linked Protein Molecular restructuring.

Unlike surfaced as formaldehyde and derivatives, in the treatment of the hair fiber Belma Kosmetik not waterproof or damage with successive applications. Increases the thickness of the hair fiber. In relation to the classic relaxations, Enzymotheraphy definitely not modify the internal structure of the hair, leaving a much more malleable natural appearance, brightness, smoothness and resistance.

There are numerous benefits you can get with this revolutionary treatment. Find out which treatment is the most need your hair:

- Enzymol-Xtreme. Keeps your hair smooth 3 to 6 months. The treatment lasts about 2 or 3 hours.

- Enzymol-Xpress. Eliminates frizz and reduces curl 60-70% for three months. 1h lasts approximately treatment.

- Enzymol-Relax. Eliminates crushing and reduces curl by 30% / 40%, for 2 months. The treatment takes about 1h / 1h 30 '.

- Enzymol-Shot. If you want healthy hair without frizz, by 4 7 to washings. It takes 20 min. complete.

- Enzymol-SOS. Brightens and health of your hair. The duration is approximately 1h.

- Enzymol Thermic Repair. If you want to rebuild your hair inside and out. 1h lasts approximately.

- Enzymol-curls. To give shine and life ATU without losing your hair curl 1 to 2 months. 1h takes to complete.

- Enzymol-Boost Color. If you want your dye to last longer and have more coverage. Duration: 30 '.

Do not miss the 'Enzymo Therapy' experience and ask for your appointment at Dorita and Inma Estilistas, Paseo del Saladar, 95, Dénia.

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