The most effective and most careful straightening with your hair in Dorita and Inma Stylists

04 October 2019 - 10: 26

Discover the enormous power of smoothing treatment Enzyme Therapy de Excellence. Leave your hair soft and activated by heat, thanks to enzymes and tannic acid. Dorita and Inma Stylists They bring you the greatest technological breakthrough in recent years to have your hair as you like.

Unlike other methods of smoothing with formaldehyde, the treatment of Belma Kosmetik does not damage the hair with successive applications, respects the hair fiber, increases its thickness and does not modify the internal structure of the hair, leaving a natural appearance, shine, softness and resistance. We explain how this innovative and different treatment works: the main active ingredients are enzymes and tannic acid. Your hair is straight and activated thanks to the heat because the enzymes get the chemical reaction to be carried out faster. And tannic acid acts in favor of molecular restructuring. Thanks to the collaboration of enzymes and tannic acid are achieved results far superior to what we are used to.

Other active ingredients perform important functions: Alpha-Lupaline protects DNA, lupine oil is enormously rich in vitamin E, BIO-KP stimulates the production of collagen, and avocado oil is very moisturizing and keeps moisture in the hair.

Advantages of 100% natural smoothing from Excellence Belma Kosmetik

  • It is compatible with any chemical and dye
  • It is a guaranteed success
  • Give more body and thickness to your hair
  • Leave hair brighter and rebuilt
  • It does not cause itching or discomfort
  • No formaldehyde or derivatives
  • Smooth 100% of hair evenly
  • Have you wanted to get smoothed for a while but didn't dare? Dorita and Inma Estilistas propose that you try this revolutionary and innovative treatment. Contact them on the phone 966422156 or stop by the Paseo del Saladar 95, in Dénia.

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