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18 June 2019 - 08: 50

Most women have cellulite in some part of their body, even if they do not have weight or obesity problems. There has always been a belief that it is impossible to make them disappear, however by first detecting the type of cellulite you are facing and attacking the problem from the root, you can get rid of them.

What is it?

Before fighting it, it is necessary to know it and discover why it appears. The term "cellulite" makes us believe that it is an inflammation, but it is not so. Cellulite is an accumulation of adipose tissue that appears in certain areas where adipose nodules of fat, water and toxins are formed. They appear due to an alteration of the subcutaneous connective tissue that causes that roughness commonly known as "Orange peel".

Adipocytes (cells that are spherical in shape) are committed to accumulate fat and actively intervene in the metabolism of the person. Thanks to these adipocytes we can eliminate triglycerides and release them, transforming them into fatty acids and glycerol.

These adipocytes are irrigated by the vascular system, interlaced by small arteries and subcutaneous veins and capillaries. The problem arises when there is an alteration in circulation such as increased capillary pressure, lymphatic obstruction or permeability of altered vessels. When we suffer one of these cases, we accumulate fluid in the interstitial spaces with the formation of edema or cellulitis.

Types of cellulite

There are different degrees of cellulite depending on the cause that causes them:

1- Edematous cellulitis

This cellulite is formed when there is a circulatory slowdown, and fluid retention. We find it mainly from the knee or even from the twins. This type is detected when it is painful to the touch, especially on the inside of the knee and the twins. You will find areas that give off heat (due to edema), and other cold areas caused by micro nodules or macro nodules established in that area.

In addition, the skin appears as intoxicated and tends to relax, aspects that must be taken into account when treating it to avoid skin and muscle relaxation.

Edematous Cellulitis Treatment:

- Circulatory treatments to eliminate edematous cellulite through different phases both oxygenating and draining. With the help of Overclass & Floreal products and with the application of pressotherapy and radiofrequency, the results in the first session will be more than noticeable.

- Work at home to eliminate edematous cellulite thanks to the products that will advise you.

2- fibrous cellulitis

The fibrous cellulitis appears when the adipocytes are thickened and can not do their exchange well. When our organism detects that the adipocytes are far away from the bloodstream, it creates very wisely reticular fibers allowing it to be brought closer to the arteries and veins.

Fibrous Cellulite Treatment:

- In the same way as in Edematous Cellulitis, in Dorita and Inma Stylists they will advise you the best treatment. However, from home it is advised to work with constancy to get rid of fibrous cellulite with various products.

Would you know how to detect the type of cellulite you have? Have you tried everything to fight them?

In Dorita and Inma Stylists perform a Morphological diagnosis, to determine the predominant morphology and know the causes that are producing the aesthetic alteration, for later with a global treatment (crafts, products and technologies) to treat and solve said alteration.

This Morphological study has a scientific basis, it was invented by Hippocrates who was the father of modern medicine. He observed that people who had similar forms suffered from similar diseases. Through his observation I create 4 Morphologies: Lymphatic, Blood, Bilious and Nervous.

The folder for Morphological diagnosis and the data provided by the client is filled in and the predominant and secondary morphology will be determined, thus eliminating the cause that causes the alteration and in turn solving this alteration quickly and efficiently over time.

After carrying out the Morphological diagnosis (duration 40 minutes) a personalized treatment will be proposed in each session, using the appropriate handicrafts, the suitable products and the necessary technology to solve the aesthetic alteration that the client worries in an appropriate and lasting way.

So that you can verify for yourself the effectiveness and results of this method, Dorita and Inma Estilistas offer you this month a free diagnosis and a test session at half price. And if you do not eliminate any cellulite, the session will be completely free.

Book your appointment now by calling 96 642 21 56.

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