Corneoterápia, the revolutionary skin care treatment that naturally in Dorita and Inma Stylists

November 10 from 2016 - 12: 00

What is Corneoterapia?

Between Superior Aesthetics and Dermatology, the term Corneotherapy, refers to a therapy of the horny layer that produces persistent clinical effects. This type of therapy works from outside to inside, restoring the cornea layer and its defense systems, thus achieving the improvement of the whole tissue as a whole and protecting it against harmful substances, UV radiation, aging, etc.
It is based on the principle of restoring the balance of our skin, trying to recover the membrane that naturally possesses and its hydrolipidic, we could say that is the natural cream of our skin, and have been able deteriorate due to various external factors.

It is studied that the proper maintenance of the stratum corneum and the hydrolipid is the largest antiaging there.


Corneoterapia in Dorita E Inma Stylists

If you're tired of the same creams for your skin, very expensive and do not have the desired results. In Dorita and Inma Stylists You have an innovative treatment to solve the problems or weaknesses of your skin, customizing treatment for each type of problem. Pollution, stress, work, age, wear your skin creams and conventional chemicals do not help you recover it. However, this treatment presents Dorita and Inma stylists, consists of a cream base, with a very similar structure to the skin, not the most common creams.
This therapy acts in the stratum corneum, to repair the natural barrier of the skin. Then the additional assets are applied, depending on skin type want to try or symptom enhancing treatment.


The corneoterapia working with dermaviduals treatments, which consist of basic creams that follow the example of Mother Nature as they have the same physiological skin characteristics. This ensures that the skin receives only the best of pure and active ingredients. Furthermore all dermaviduals products are free of perfumes, preservatives, dyes, silicones, without emulsifiers that can break the protective membrane.

With this therapy you can treat all types of skin disorders such as acne can be, blemishes, wrinkles, blotches, psoriasis, rosacea or any other abnormality that concerns you.

Now you can find in Dorita and Inma Stylists studying skin treatment chamber + cabin for only € 25. Take advantage and the launch price and ask your date for more information, Paseo del Saladar, 95.

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