Dorita and Inma Estilistas has the most advanced technology to reduce body fat, sagging and fine lines

14 June 2018 - 12: 51

Would you like to reduce body fat? Do you want to eliminate wrinkles and sagging? In short, see you better? Dorita and Inma Stylists It has already achieved that many people see their flaccidity and body fat reduced in addition to the intensity of their wrinkles and expression lines.

Ultrasonix is ​​the most advanced high-intensity microfocalized ultrasound treatment for face lift without surgery, with a single treatment, a single session, raised eyebrows, cheekbones and facial oval. Ultrasonix reaches an efficiency never before seen by another procedure in the treatment of double chin, neck flaccidity and all facial oval.

Ultrasonix can work both facially and corporately. At the corporal level its benefits are:

- Body remodeling.
- Flaccidity Reduction
- Body fat reduction
- Cellulite reduction

In addition Ultrasonix does not need previous preparation of the patient, nor needs recovery time to return to daily life, the duration of the session on average for face and neck is one hour, in a single session, practically painless. The results are immediately evident and its maximum effect is achieved in the first 4 to 12 weeks, so we are talking about a progressive effect that has a much more natural effect than other types of treatments, and that will be definitive after six months, being able to last between a year and year and a half.

With Ultrasonix you get a natural and progressive result to see you better. Do not hesitate and find out more in Dorita and Inma Estilistas, Paseo del Saladar, 95, Dénia.

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