Get with Dorita and Inma Estilistas the facelift without definitive surgery

November 28 from 2017 - 12: 00

Do you need a facelift? In Dorita and Inma stylists you have available Ultrasonix, able to achieve the results of a lifting with a single session without surgery.

This therapy is less invasive and safer and more efficient. In addition it can also be applied to the body, to obtain a body remodeling. With a long list of advantages, this treatment is perfect if you want to:

- Rejuvenate your skin
- Remove fine, medium or deep wrinkles
- Close pores
- Clear acne sequelae
- Reduce and eliminate double chin
- Combat sagging face, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks
- Remove localized fat
- Regenerate tissue affected by cellulite in I-II-III-IV grade.

All of this without interrupting daily life, because there is no surgery, no costly cures, and no recovery time. And through a focused ultrasound, a non-invasive treatment is carried out, which delivers ultrasonic energy below the surface of the skin, without causing any damage to it. Thus it manages to work on 1,5 mm dermis, 3 mm hypodermis and 4,5 mm SMAS, stimulating the creation of new collagen. And as a result, the skin tightens.

Ultrasonix also for body

Ultrasonix destroys fat and also helps you rejuvenate your body. Thanks to this innovative treatment you can see your arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs and glutes with better appearance and without wrinkles or marks.

You will get obvious results of long duration, and with a maximum time of 60-90 minutes of treatment.

For more information, contact Dorita and Inma Estilistas, on the 966422156 phone, or visit them, at Paseo Saladar 95, Dénia.

  1. Dorita says:

    Hello Jaqueline!

    The result lasts from one year to a year and a half, to give you all the information and the budget would be better to go through the center or we talked on the phone to explain everything better and give the exact price of the service that is going to do..

    Our phone is the 966422156 ..

    Thank you very much

  2. Jaqueline Aguilar says:

    I need information about the facelift, time of duration and price, thank you.

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