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The black troops disembark in Denia to fill it of festivity next to its Christian rivals

August 14 from 2017 - 01: 39

Dénia already lives full immersion in the festivals of Moors and Christians In honor of Sant Roc. The landing of the Moorish troops, on Sunday afternoon, marked the beginning of the great days of the party, which until Wednesday will fill the streets of Dénia with music and color.

The beach of the old Saladino, In the Punta del RasetFor another year, the scene of this ambitious act, which brought together more than 2.000 people at the jetty and in the surroundings.

With an imposing staging, the Christian troops received the captain, Kiko Sentí, and the flag-bearer, Alicia Sentí, who watched attentively the arrival of the black troops. The crescent army arrived by the seashore with all its warriors ready to fight for the city. Behind them, the captain, MªJosé López, and the standard bearer, Salvador Gil, arrived on horseback.

After an intense battle between both sides, the ambassadors agreed to the signing of the truce to live in peace in the same territory.

Scare with one of the horses

During the show several horses participated. One of them, at first, frightened by the noise of the trabucos, has fired in the direction of Miguel Hernandez, leaving on the floor the young woman who rode him. Quickly from the organization they located the animal, that did not cause any damage in its flight.

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