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Punta del Raset beach: location, services, photos and where to park

08 September 2021 - 09: 01

The beach of Punta del Raset in Dénia is also known by the name of Cagarritar or simply Raset. It is the closest beach to the urban area, which starts after the port area, and it is also one of the most spacious in the city, with 600 meters in length and an average width of 75 meters.


Dénia's Punta del Raset beach is one of the busiest on the city's coastline. Its proximity to the urban area makes it one of the favorite destinations for residents to enjoy a day of sun and beach.

It is a sandy beach, like most of the beaches de Marines, which also has a special landscape and natural value due to the dunes that are generated along its coastline.


El Raset is located at the beginning of the Les Marines road, so the beach can be reached by walking almost from any point in the urban area of ​​Dénia, without requiring a vehicle to get to the place.

In case you need to go by car, there are many parking areas free parking and some paid, as we will see later in the point dedicated to Punta del Raset car parks.

Blue flag

The quality of the beach, as well as its services, means that it has been awarded the Blue flag on several occasions. In fact, it is still hoisted today, having been recognized again in 2021 with the highest distinction on European coasts.


Beach Punta del Raset has access boardwalks that facilitate arrival at the shore and beach bar with sun loungers and parasols existing in the area. Being a fairly spacious beach area is not saturated excessively high season, so it is very nice place to go with children and the elderly.

Its orientation makes it protected from the Levante and Llebeig winds, which is why sailboats seek refuge from the breakwater in summer.

Lifeguard and surveillance

El Raset, as Punta del Raset beach is also known, has a surveillance service throughout the summer which is handled by Dénia Red Cross workers. The lifeguards use the three proximity chairs arranged along the beach to monitor the entire pool of water.

Red Cross post

At the Red Cross post, located in the main entrance of the beach, lifeguards attend to bathers to practice first aid, having a first aid kit inside, as well as oxygen equipment for emergencies. In addition, at the top of the post they place the flags that indicate the status of the pair and the danger posed by the bathroom.

Relief craft

Not only do they have several surveillance chairs, the care post for priests and lifeguards, but they also have a boat to facilitate and speed up interventions at greater depth, as well as to carry out a more complete surveillance from the water.

Accessible bathroom

The adapted bathroom service is also located in the same place where the Red Cross post is located. In it the loan of amphibious vehicles is carried out so that people with reduced mobility can enjoy the bath, as well as crutches adapted for use in the sand and water.

The place has a shaded space for use by service users, as well as an adapted shower, toilet and changing room.

Physiotherapy and workshops

This year they have a physiotherapist on weekends, who will attend to people with reduced mobility and users of the adapted bathroom in the same space where the rest of the service is carried out.

During the week they have a sociocultural animation technician who is also in charge of giving workshops to the users of the assisted bathroom.

Public toilets

In both chiringuitos public toilets are located. These can be used by any bather, regardless of whether they consume or not. Although they are next to the establishments, the toilets belong to the City Council.

Vora Mar cinema: cinema on the beach

Since 2012, the Vora Mar Cinema, which is the summer cinema that is held every July and August on the beach of Dénia, takes place in Punta del Raset due to the large influx of spectators.

Every Sunday from mid-July to the end of August, a film is screened for the whole family at 22pm, completely free of charge and, usually, in its Spanish version.

Access the complete program of the Cine Vora Mar here.

Parks and sports facilities in Punta del Raset

The first beach in Las Marinas, El Cagarritar, has leisure facilities for boys and girls. The great elastic pyramid stands out for climbing and jumping on it.


It is a beach that is usually chosen to practice different sports, especially in the water. However, there are also elements in the sand that allow you to play volleyball matches with friends or do other types of healthy activities.

Volleyball nets

The Raset not only has entertainment elements for children, but also the not-so-young ones have volleyball nets and a bio-healthy park to exercise while sunbathing, all of which are free to access.

Kitesurf and windsurf

Sports such as kitesurfing are not allowed on this beach within the marked area, but there is a channel for boats from which to leave the swimming area and be able to navigate freely. In fact, it is one of the favorite destinations for athletes to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the winds in the area.


Gastronomy is very present in Punta del Raset, with several beach bars and a large number of nearby restaurants and bars.

beach bars

El Raset has two large beach bars where you can enjoy a drink or a soft drink on the beach itself. In addition, both have a space enabled as a terrace to sit and enjoy a refreshing rest a few meters from the sea.

Punta Raset Beach Bar

It is the first chiringuito of the two that can be found on the beach, located right at the first access to El Raset. In fact, it is the closest to the city. In addition to the menu, they have hammock and umbrella rental service.

Cielo Beach Club DÃ © nia

Right in the center of Punta del Raset, between the water park and the last surveillance chair, is Cielo Beach Club Dénia. The offer of this second beach bar is similar, with its own menu and rental of hammocks and umbrellas.


Given its proximity to the urban area, Punta de Raset beach is next to the restaurant area of ​​the port and the promenade that gives it its name, El Raset. There there is a wide range of restaurants with cuisine of all kinds and for all budgets, in addition to the restaurants that are in front of the promenade.

The closest are:


In front of the Punta del Raset beach we find a wide variety of shops of all kinds. Given the large influx of locals, many companies have decided to bet on opening their establishments next to said beach.

Mat park

In the center of Punta del Raset beach, about 100 meters from the shore, there is a floating mats park. In a booth that is in front of the park you can pay the fee to enjoy the attractions arranged in the water.

Canoe and water scooter rental

In a booth located at the end of Punta del Raset beach, near the shore, they have water scooters and canoes to rent and use them within the bathing area.

Other companies

In addition to those found within the beach, the following can be found on the nearest promenade:

  • Sun Sea
  • Neptune Bikes
  • Management of Mediterranean communities
  • Segway Trip Denia
  • Rent a Car Dénia
  • Reviews


Being so close to the town center, it is one of the preferred destinations for those tourists who want to enjoy both the sun and the beach as well as all the leisure offers and other services available to the municipality.


On the beachfront we can find the following urbanizations and apartment blocks, many of them with apartments for vacation rental. Are:

  • Residential Marina Raset
  • Seaport
  • Aquarius apartments


Also, given that it is a privileged enclave, we can find a wide range of hotels and hostels a few meters from the place. The closest hotels to Cagarritar beach, or Punta del Raset, are:

  • Posada del Mar
  • the Raset
  • daniya


Parking on the beach of Punta del Raset must be done in the port area, an area that in summer is quite saturated with traffic. However, there is a private and paid parking in front of the beach with capacity for hundreds of vehicles.

Free public parking

Also, a few meters ahead, at the height of the Fernando Restaurant, there is an esplanade where you can park for free. This public car park has 800 spaces, which are accessed from Carrer dels Furs.

Parking El Raset

In addition to the public parking, there is a private one entering the north breakwater of Dénia, a few meters from the Punta del Raset beach. This is paid, so a price must be paid that will depend on the hours of use. You can see its exact location on Google Maps by clicking on this link.


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  1. MIPB says:

    In this link that comes from the news of the blue flags of 2020, it indicates the following: «This beach is not awarded with the distinctive Blue Flag.».
    If it is true that they have granted it, they should update this information.

    Thank you

  2. Vicente says:

    Inside the water are there rocks at a shallow depth?
    Or can you walk without injury, are they deep?

    • Maria says:

      It has had the Blue Flag badge for several years.
      It is a nonsense that they give the wrong information.
      It is the widest and cleanest of the marinas.
      Maintained all year round.

    • Pepa says:

      Inside the water and under the sand are the remains of the night bottle. Be careful.