The best children's drawings of Moors and Christians already have their prize

February 17 from 2024 - 17: 28

Like every Mig Any, the Federation of Moors and Christians of the City of Dénia (FEMMICC) has carried out the awards ceremony for the children's drawing contest, highlighting the talent and creativity of young artists from the city.

The presentation of charges gala, held this morning at the Dénia Social Center, served as a setting to recognize the winners of this edition. Although the award-winning works were already on display at the Mercat Municipal, the official awards ceremony took place during this celebration.

In the first category, the prizes were awarded to:

  • Third award: Aina Fuster Vicens
  • Second prize: Sofia Diaz Serrano
  • First prize: Luca Chernykh Sadych

In the second category, the winners were:

  • Third award: Jordi Femenía Galan
  • Second prize: Eloy Montes García
  • First prize: Mencia Signes Moncho

Meanwhile, in the third category, the winners were:

  • Third award: Anastasia Berleeva
  • Second prize: Lilie Rogoudy
  • First prize: Leo Galindo Martin

In addition to these recognitions, the Special prize to the work of Iris Pinedo Ballester.

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