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CEDMA adds a new partner more: MLS Denia Property

16 December 2015 - 00: 01

El Business Cercle Marina Alta Has had the incorporation of a new partner: the association MLS Dénia Inmobiliaria, which is chaired by Cesáreo Roa.

CEDMA meeting

This brings 20 real estate companies through a partnership model copied from the United States. For the president, Sonja Dietz, is "who they have achieved spectacular union cooperation in this sector where there is strong competition".

"MLS defends working together and clear the intrusion by regulation and specific legislation on the conditions that must fulfill a real estate agent," he adds.

Given the great weight of the sector in the economy of the area, a formative family is believed to qualify future professionals. "Why not think about creating a vocational training module or family around the real estate sector?"Said Dietz.

The recent creation of MLS highlights a growing interest in local business associations in the field. In fact, at the meeting of the board he reported a partnership project managers farms and the work is carried out to form an association in Dénia absorbant local industries exposed.

In this regard, Sonja Dietz stated that "After the hard stage of cuts, reforms, etc., people see more outlets and are more open to socializing, collaborating and associating. We are detecting more interest in associations, as in the case of MLS or Port Dianium, the business association of the port of Dénia, and there are more and more associations that wish to join this great regional project that is CEDMA. We hope to achieve this great lobby that we pursue to defend common rights and projects".

At present, as demonstrated by its participation in the Fira Marina Alta Ondara, plans initiated to integrate towns in the south of the region or support the establishment of an association of merchants in Dénia for employers this is one of the main objectives.

Project support María Ibars

On the other hand, at the meeting of the CEDMA board of directors the project that the IES Maria Ibars and the Fundació Baleària For the granting of the title of adoptive daughter to the writer and teacher Maria Ibars.

Known the details, the board unanimously agreed to endorse the initiative. To do this, the presidents of each of the associations that form the singular CEDMA and companies are signing a manifesto of support that will support the plan.

Business meeting Cercle Marina Alta

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