Dénia 2023 Moors and Christians Festival Program: events and schedules

Start date: August 02st, 2023
Finish date: August 16st, 2023
Event type: Party
Site: Dénia
Home: Free
Event finished

Wednesday, August 2

  • From 17: 00 to 20: 30 Festive blood donation at the Social Center.

Thursday, August 3

  • 20:00 Presentation of inclusive pictograms of the festival, in the conference room of the Municipal Library.

Friday, August 4

Sunday, 6 of August

  • 12:00 hours Paella contest, organized by Mayorales de Sant Roc, in Marquis de Campo.
  • 20:30 hours Festive Music Concert with the collaboration of the Dénia Musical Art Group, in the Plaça del Consell.

Monday, August 7

  • 20:00 hours Official opening of the councils of the different filaes of Dénia.

Tuesday August 8

  • 20:30 hours Concentration of festeros in the Plaça del Consell.
  • 21:00 hours Entraeta festive Itinerary: Plaça del Consell exit, C/ Diana, C/ Marqués de Campo until Cruz Roja.
  • 22:00 hours Christian reception.

Thursday, August 10

  • 20:30 hours Concentration of festive people in the Plaza del Consell
  • 21:00 hours Entraeta festive Itinerary: exit Plaza del Consell, C/ Diana, C/ Marqués de Campo to Cruz Roja
  • 22:00 hours Mora Reception

Friday, August 11

Saturday, August 12

  • 09:00 hours Diana Festera through the old neighborhoods of Dénia. Itinerary: Plaza Valgamedios, Carrer Loreto, Carrer Sant Narcís and Carrer de la Santíssima Trinitat up to the Joventut building.

Sunday, 13 of August

  • 11:00 hours Visit to the Santa Llúcia Nursing Home
  • 20:00 hours Moro disembarkation and signing of the truce on the beach of the north breakwater
  • 22: 00 hours: Truce dinner in the parking lot in front of the train station

Monday, August 14

  • From 12: 00 hours Courtesy visit to the Moravian and Christian captaincies
  • 19:00 hours Children's parade through La Via, Diana and Marqués de Campo streets. Next, parade of bands
  • 00:00 hours Festive entraeta from La Via to the end of Marqués de Campo

Tuesday August 15

  • From 12: 00 hours Parades of the different rows around the city
  • 18:00 hours Great gala parade, with the captaincies closing their respective sides. Itinerary: departure from Carlos intersection Sentí with Calle La Via until the end of Marqués de Campo

Wednesday, August 16

  • 11:30 hours Mass in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in honor of Sant Roc.
  • 13:00 hours Christian harangue and battle of arcabucería in La Via street
  • 18:30 hours Parliament, surrender and Miracle of the Fog in La Via street.
  • 20:30 hours Procession in honor of Sant Roc
  • 22:00 hours Retreat and final shot. Council Square
  • 00:30 hours Castle fireworks in the port

Saturday, September 9

  • 19:30 Recreation and recovery of the procession "De quan els Moros arribaren al Saladar", by Ronda Muralles, Foramur street and La Mar street

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  1. izrail says:

    Po fale,

  2. Jopelin says:

    Ēbārēra uṯsabē sbāgatama. An'ya bārēra cēẏē anēka bhālō habē āśā kari

  3. tone says:

    veri gut tot begut it is incredible but a lie tot is a joke vixca la festa dels moros y cristians

  4. Maggie says:

    This is the first time I have been in Denia for this incredible Festival. Congratulations to all who participated and are still participating it has been an amazing week. Well done all thank you.