Full program of Moors and Christians in Dénia 2016

Start date: 30 de julio de 2016
Finish date: August 16st, 2016
Event type: Party
Site: Dénia
Opening times: Consult
Starters: Free
Event finished

Saturday 30 July

9: 00 hours: Swim across XIII. Organizers: Mayorales De Sant Roc.
Departure from L'Estanyó.

Friday August 5

20: 30 hours: Pregón Fester, Key pick and winching Estandartes.
Location: Plaza del Consell. Departure: Calle Marques de Campo, Diana street to Plaza del Consell.

Raising of standards

22: 00 hours: Femmicc gala dinner, the Poblet Salons.

Sunday 7 August

12: 00 hours: Paellas contest. Organizers: Mayorales De Sant Roc.
Location: Calle Marques de Campo.

20: 30 hours: Music Concert Festera, Agrupació Artística Musical Dénia.
Location: Plaza del Consell.

Tuesday August 9

21: 30 hours: Reception Christian Captaincy
Location: Row cavallers Del Me'n Fot (Plaça Sant Josep)

23: 30 hours: Entraeta festera.
Itineriario: Cavallers, Pont Street, Street Fora Mur, Calle la Mar, Calle Diana, Marqués de Campo and ending at the Red Cross

Captanes and flagged 2016

Thursday August 11

21: 30 hours: LOBBY Captaincy Mora
Location: Filá walies(Calle Pintor Victoria)

23: 30 hours: Entraeta Festera.
Itineriario: Pintor Victoria, Cándida Carbonell Street, Calle la Mar, Calle Diana, Marqués de Campo to the Red Cross.

Saturday August 13

11: 00 hours: Visit to the Residence Elderly St. Lucia

20: 00 hours: Landing Moro and signing of the truce.
Location: old beach Saladino

22: 00 hours: Dinner camping
Location: Last stretch of the Marques de Campo

Sunday 14 August

12: 00 hours: Courtesy visit to the Mora and Christian Capitanias.

19: 30 hours: Children's parade.Then Bands input and interpretation of festive music in the Plaza del Consell.

Children's parade

Parade route: Calle la Mar, Diana, Marqués de Campo, to Red Cross.
Input Bands: Red Cross, Marqués de Campo, Diana to the Plaza del Consell.

24: 00 hours: Festeros concentration in the Plaza del Consell and then festera entraeta.
Itinerary: Departure from Consell Square, Street Diana, Marqués de Campo to the Red Cross

Monday, August 15

12: 00 hours: pasacalle of different filaes by the city

19: 00 hours: Grand Parade Gala with the Captaincy of Christian and Moro Bando.
Itinerary: De-Sac La Mar, Diana street, Marques de Campo to the port.

Gala parade

Tuesday August 16

11: 30 hours: Misa in the Parish of NRTA. Ms. Assunta in honor of our patron Sant Roc and collection of breads.

12: 45 hours: Christian harangue y Battle of musketry
Itinerary: Foramur street, Calle la Mar and end in Plaza del Consell.

19: 00 hours: Parliament PRESENTING AND Miracle of Mist.
Location: Plaza del Consell.

20: 30 hours: Procesion In honor of Sant Roc.

21: 30 hours: Tattoo and final shot, anthem and interpretation of Dénia finale.
Itinerary: Output Square Consell, Diana street until last stretch Marqués de Campo.

00: 00 hours: Castle fireworks. Harbor breakwater.

Federation Moors and Christians Denia, reserves the right to modify or cancel any of the actions announced in this OfficialJournalof Program Party. all the spectators who attend the indications and security closed areas all acts, especially those used muskets and rockets are requested.

Cartel Moors and Christians Dénia 2016

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