The Moorish Landing of Dénia: date, time, location and history

Event Date: August 13st, 2022
Event type: Party
Site: north jetty
Schedule: 20: 00
Home: Free
Event finished

The Moorish landing is one of the most important events of the Fiestas de Moors and Christians de Dénia, which are held in the city during the first fortnight of August. This particular event serves to kick off the main days of festivities, where peace reigns between both sides after the truce signed and which will come to an end, together with the celebrations, three days later.

When is?

The date on which the disembarkation is celebrated is usually August 13 of each year, and it takes place at sunset, around 20:00 p.m. This will also be done 2022: Saturday 13 at 20:00 p.m. At first it was held in the morning, but they considered that the influx of people would be greater in the afternoon, so from 1988 it changed to that new schedule.

Where is it celebrated?

The current location is on the north breakwater beach of Dénia, next to Punta del Raset. It is in that place where the entire encounter between the Moorish side and Christian, as well as the subsequent signing of the pact.

From the city to the beach

However, it was not always there, because until 2015, after the landing that took place in the port, the filaes paraded through the city and it was in the town where the battle took place, usually in the Plaça del Consell.

In 2015 the first full act was held on a beach, although for the occasion the chosen one was the Marineta Cassiana Denia.


Since 2016, both the fictionalized landing (as there is no longer arrival from the sea) and the battle and subsequent truce signing takes place entirely on the north breakwater.


It is a massive event in which the Dénia filaes of both sides represent the Moorish landing and the first great battle on the city beach. It usually has a great expectation, attracting thousands of people to this performance in which dancers, acrobats and actors also participate.

After this first clash between the troops, the pact is signed between the parties that serves as an excuse to carry out the different festivities during the following days, until the deal is broken and the party ends.

Origin of the landing

The first landing of the Moors and Christians of Dénia took place in 1981, just a year after the party began in the city. The Management Board formed that same year agreed on the bases that would sustain the party in its beginnings, with main events including the landing.

Such was the relevance that they wanted to give it that on that occasion it was celebrated on the same day as Sant Roc, on August 16, occupying the whole day. In the morning the Moorish landing was celebrated and in the afternoon the Christian one. Both with later war representations. The following year it was decided to divide the landings into different days, the Moor being celebrated on August 15 and the Christian on August 16.

Time change

Seeing that the influx of the events held in the morning was less, in 1988 it was decided to spend all in the afternoon. This caused the landing to be held for the first time in the afternoon, and not at mid-morning as in previous years. It also caused the duration of the battle to be shortened considerably.

Cancellation of the Christian landing

In order to gain minutes for the battle and extend the celebration of this act, in 1996 it was decided to eliminate the Christian landing. Since that year only the Moorish side "disembarks" in Dénia, being received in the city by the Christians. It is true that there was an attempt to recover this Christian landing in 2007, but it did not work.



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