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11 12 schoolchildren and years learn to relate to others in a social skills workshop

14 2016 April - 14: 01

About 400 students 6º primary, 11 and 12 years from schools in Denia, La Xara and Jesus Pobre have participated in the second part of the workshop social skills that organized the Department of Addiction Prevention City Council Dénia.

From April 6 to 15, schoolchildren at the Alfa & Omega, Pou de la Muntanya, Llebeig, Montgó, Les Vessanes, Cervantes, Carmelitas, Pare Pere de Jesús Pobre and La Xara centers have learned to strengthen their social skills in order of interacting with others, opposing group pressure, improving self-control, increasing self-esteem, self-affirming, developing empathy, improving emotional self-expression and encouraging the use of leisure time favorable to health.

Social Skills Workshop at school Cervantes

Fringe chosen age, 11 and 12 years, attends the situation preadolescent students, time of great change in the life process, access to secondary education and new influences or pressures that can reach its entry into school .

The workshop, developed in collaboration with the Open University of Denia, is performed by Lorena Pérez pedagogue and PhD in Teaching and School Organization MªDolores Moreno, presenting a dynamic, engaging and motivating activity with a group and participative methodology.

Social Skills Workshop

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