Sacred Heart School

The Sacred Heart School - Carmelite Sisters of Dénia is one of the oldest in the city. Located on the Camino de Santa Lucía, in the middle It montgóThe center houses recently renovated facilities in which classes are taught from kindergarten to secondary education, so that the students of the Sagrado Corazón school spend their student life in the center until they are 16 years old.

Facade of the Sacred Heart school in Dénia

The Sacred Heart School is a private center based in Christian education: a pastoral project that educates students in solidarity values ​​and awareness.


The center consists of a large plot divided into two plots: the "College above" and the "College below." In the "College of Down" classes are taught from children to secondary from 2011, when the new building was inaugurated in the old house of the nuns.

The new building houses the classrooms of 5º and 6º of primary and 1º, 2º, 3º and 4º of secondary. The youngest students (children and even elementary school 4º) attend class in the pavilion of a plant of the "College of Down".

Secondary school hall Sacred Heart of Dénia

The center has a gym, a library or study room, an outdoor patio that surrounds all facilities and sports courts.

The "Colegio de Arriba" housed up to 2011 the classes of older students, as well as the rooms of what was once a residence for nuns. Currently this space does not host school activities.


Around fifty professors form the faculty Dénia Sacred Heart College. Professionals specializing in pedagogy in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools are supported by a large team of administrative staff and services.


Carmelite Sisters school-taught Sacred Heart of Dénia studies from child (3 years) to high school (ESO 4º-16 years). The center does not impart special education among their students, while taking into account any special needs of some students, who reinforced with supports.

Activities during the year

During the course different convicencias with high school students at key moments of their training, as well as a School of Parents in the educational psychology service center offers guidance to parents of students lectures they are held.

Classes are held from 8: 50 12 to 15 hours and to 17 hours.

Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, patroness school

Each 22 May the Sacred Heart school pays homage to the figure of Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, founder of the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of Charity. The center becomes party all day, which is celebrated a Mass attended by all students and continues with music and games for everyone.

Santa Joaquina de Vedruna born in Barcelona in 1783 and lived a life of devotion to God. She married very young and had 9 children. The widowed at the age of 33 years was associated with other women in Vic, where he founded the Institute of Carmelite Sisters of Charity from which helped the neediest people in their environment.

The work of Joaquina de Vedruna soon spread Catalunya. Despite being hampered by the war, during which he had to emigrate to Perpignan, in turn, in 1843, reorganized the novitiate and new members joined to consolidate his work.

The 28 1854 August Joaquina de Vedruna died of cholera, leaving behind her diocese 7, 26 150 and religious establishments.

Santa Joaquina message of Vedruna is still the motto of the Sacred Heart of Dénia College: "Love never says enough."

School photos


Way of St. Lucia, 18 -

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