Dinar del Germanor de Dénia: all the photos and prizes from the last great pre-Fallas event

02 March 2024 - 16: 46

This Saturday the Germanor of the Fallas from Dénia. Although it was originally scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 24, the Local Board Fallera made the decision to postpone it due to the mourning declared throughout the Community due to the tragedy of the Valencia fire.

In Torrecremada, this time at noon and without a tent, hundreds of falleros and falleras have enjoyed this Saturday the last big event before the monuments begin to rise throughout Dénia. In addition, as in every Germanor, the opportunity has been taken to reveal the first prizes of the Fallas 2024, which have been distributed as follows:

  • Millor Ban Faller: Paris-Pedrera
  • Great Children's Sideboard: Centro
  • Best Child Support: under the sea
  • Millors Children's Presenters: third fails CenterAccording Campaments fails and first Baix la Mar fails
  • Great Children's Presentation: third prize fails Centro, second fails Campaments and first fails Baix la Mar
  • Great Sideboard: West
  • Great Maintainer: Diana
  • Millors Presenters: third prize fails Campaments, second West fails and first Baix la Mar fails
  • Millors Presentations: third prize Diana fails, second West fault and first Baix la Mar fault
  1. Mateu says:

    The most important festival that has the people in the generation of local economy and the city council is not able to have a minimum look and the rest. I propose that they also leave their ferries at Torrequemada, and that they throw there the entrance of Denia, vora the xara.

    • Pau (FR) says:

      Would you also like to point out the category of “economy creators” and “economic engine of the region”?
      That wouldn't be enough to save subsidies.

  2. Pau (FR) says:

    Without a tent and nothing has happened, we have saved a good few thousand euros.

  3. Luis says:

    1.200 people eating 1200 grateful stomachs. All subsidized.