Dénia Fallera Local Board: election and history of presidents and Falleras Mayores

May 02 from 2023 - 09: 00

The Fallera Local Board is the body that represents all the commissions of the Fallas Dénia, whose history dates back to the very beginning of the Josephine festivities. This is headed by the president, the Fallera Mayor and Fallera Mayor Infantil of the city.


In the year 1947, and after the Penya del Tio Pep lit the fallera fuse and the desire to party Josephine in Dénia, a large group of neighbors from all over the city met in the now defunct Bar Neutro to give rise to the birth of the first Fallas districts (Center, Maritime District, Les Roques and West) and the constitution of what was born as the Central Fallas Board of Dénia, which would be in charge of coordinating the activities that were not specific to each Fallas.

First meeting and end of Uncle Pep

The first president of the Central Fallera Board of Dénia was José Gualde Martí, and he had in his executive the majority of the people who formed the Penya del Tio Pep, imitating the functioning of the Central Fallera Board of Valencia in terms of the coordination of the faults in Dénia. La Penya del Tio Pep would stop planting forever in 1948.

But two years later, in 1949, the exhaustion of the people who formed the board made at the end of the exercise stops working. That's when the City Council, through the Commission of Government, decides to assume office in February 1950.

New stage and incorporation of more commissions

In 1961 it closes the first stage of the failures of Denia with stagnant until 1967, the party in all districts created in the city to resume in the year 1967, a Board chaired by Francisco Simo Santacreu in its first year. Reborn from its ashes Center commissions, Baix La Mar, Les Roques and West, beginning his career the Falla Saladar.

First Major Falleras of Dénia

In 1971, Dénia had a Fallera Mayor for the first time, a position that fell to Miss Mª Cristina Guzman de Carranza, and it was not until 1985 when the position of Fallera Mayor Infantil de Dénia appeared, held for the first time by the girl Estibaliz Miralles Ivars.

More than a fortnight of presidents have passed through the Local Fallera Board of Dénia until today, accompanied by their respective executives, always made up of falleros from the different districts of the city of Dénia.


The Local Fallera Board, as a local autonomous body and a symbol of the union of the failures of Dénia, constitutes the grouping of the failures of the city of Dénia. It enjoys the official recognition of the City Council to exercise the guiding and coordinating function in order to celebrate the festivities and any class of acts related to the Fallas festival.

In the words of its rules, the fundamental objective of the JLF in the economic aspect is trying to achieve maximum economic resources for the overall set of the Fallas in Denia.

The Local Board Fallera consists of two bodies: the Executive Board and the General Assembly. The Executive Board is elected by the president, which delegates different functions in each, while the General Assembly is composed of representatives of eleven falleras commissions of the city, voting on matters discussed at meetings which they are held monthly.

Election of Chairman of the Local Board Fallera Denia

President of the Local Board Fallera Denia is chosen by voting for a period of four years, although 2015 elections, and in the absence of candidates, it was agreed that the presidency would be an extraordinary period of two years.

history of presidents

  • 1947-1948: Jose Marti Gualde
  • 1948-1949: Jose Ramis Caselles
  • 1967: Francisco Simo Santacreu
  • 1968-1970: José Antonio Castro
  • 1971-1977: Monllor Vicente Roselló
  • 1978-1979: Rafael Pastor Soler
  • 1980-1981: Tomas Chiner Marsal
  • 1982: Vicente Agulles Llobell
  • 1983-1987: Antonio Martí Martí
  • 1988-1989: Rafael Pastor Soler
  • 1990-1991: Salvador Crespo Pí
  • 1992-1993: Candela Pascual Ruiz
  • 1994-1995: Juan José Gallego Ballesteros
  • 1996-1999: Pere Noguera Ivars
  • 1999-2003: Manuel Clavel Llorca
  • 2003-2007: Pere Martí Martí
  • 2007-2011: Juan Pedro Sanchez
  • 2011-2015: Jaume Bertomeu Catalan
  • 2015-2017: José Antonio Monsonís Bertomeu
  • 2017-2019: José Vicente Benavente
  • 2019-2021: Juan Salvador Pérez
  • 2021-Present: Jaume Bertomeu

Choosing the Falleras Over Denia

Two representatives from each failure and seven representatives of the local board Falleras addition to the mayor, the councilman Festival, and falleras largest in the past year, have their say in choosing the Fallas over Denia. The candidates present their candidacy for the Local Board Fallera Denia, who is responsible for organizing a day of living with them and delegates voting to know them better, and by the end of May was the vote at City Hall Denia.

The mayor then made two phone calls that will mean most eagerly awaited fulfillment of a dream for the two lucky ones.

History of the Falleras Mayores of Dénia

  • Año 1971: Mª Cristina Guzman de Carranza
  • Año 1972: Senti Ana Ribes
  • Año 1973: Angeles Mengual Soler
  • Año 1976: Redondo Antonia Berenguer
  • Año 1977: Adela Chelet Ordines
  • Año 1980: Conchin Perez Llorca
  • Año 1982: Francisca Torres Morera
  • Año 1983: Vicenta Maria Crespo Palu
  • Año 1984: Amparo Perez Bañuls
  • Año 1985: Tere Miralles Vallalta Perles and Estibaliz Ivars
  • Año 1986: Josephine Ferrer Molina Frogley and Marileo Candel
  • Año 1987: Tere and Cristina Conejero Coll Ivars
  • Año 1988: Chelo Castilian and Montse Ferrer Vicente Poveda
  • Año 1989: Maria Jesus Guzman Ferreres and Cristina Gil Bolufer
  • Año 1990: Gema Devesa and Feliciana Ortiz Montes
  • Año 1991: Mª Carmen Segui Ahuir and Maria Amparo Cartes Ivars
  • Año 1992: Liliana Perez Isabel Conejero and Ivars Frasquet
  • Año 1993: Villar Cristina Gonzalez and Maria Amparo Perles Catalan
  • Año 1994: Orquin LLOBELL Monica and Lorena Carrio Sendra
  • Año 1995: Marina Marsal Senent and Patricia Perez Pallares
  • Año 1996: Silvia Bellot and Ana Ortiz Toledo
  • Año 1997: Eva Perez Perez Conejero Lara Llopis
  • Año 1998: Sandra Simarro Mari Cruz and Aida Simo
  • Año 1999: Rosario Signes Grimalt and Alba Crespo Molto
  • Año 2000: Viki Blasco Gil Perez and Laura Oltra
  • Año 2001: Amparo Sancho Perles Catalan and Claudia Cardona
  • Año 2002: Natalia Caballero Estevez and Carolina Pastor Tudela
  • Año 2003: Gema Catala Devesa and White Moll Ferrer
  • Año 2004: Guardiola and Jose Maria Estefania Crespo Gavila Piera
  • Año 2005: Cristina Ferragut Mas and Miriam Gomez Quintana Pimpollo
  • Año 2006: Cristina Morera Vengut and Contri Maria Garcia
  • Año 2007: Pagett Rebeca Herrero Crespo Alonso and Alba
  • Año 2008: Pepi Gomez and Cristina Benavente Garcia Garcia
  • Año 2009: Raquel Rico and Alba Moya Martinez Fernandez
  • Año 2010: Joana Pous Georgina Lopez and Alaman Brombierstäudl
  • Año 2011: Laura Mena Pérez Llorca and Paula Bertomeu
  • Año 2012: Anna Flores Sobrecases Hostalrich and Ainhoa ​​Guerri
  • Año 2013: Marta Tabernero Sanmiguel and Rocío Patricio Egea
  • Año 2014: Sara Femenía Ribes and Paloma Mengual Benavente
  • Año 2015: Carla Petrie Fernandez and Candela Pastor Orozco
  • Año 2016: Marina Margalejo live and Alejandra Pastor Gavilá
  • Año 2017: Inés Alacreu and Mar Cabrera
  • Año 2018: Melani Ivars and Carla Vinaroz
  • Año 2019: Amparo Petrie and Neus Suarez
  • 2020-22 year: Safir Malonda and Martina Gimeno
  • Año 2023: Aida Gavilà and Noa Dacosta
  • Año 2024: Mar Moncho and Candela Marco


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