The Ninots Indultats of Dénia 2024 are already known: these have been the best of this year

02 March 2024 - 14: 11

This year they had to wait a little longer, but the Ninot Indultat awards of the Fallas of Dénia 2024. As usual, it was revealed during the Germanor celebration, which took place this Saturday at noon in Torrecremada.

At the event, the first Fallas awards of the year were announced, one of the most anticipated being the Ninot Indultat, which determines which proposal, of the eleven in each category, will be saved from the flames. The options have been able to be visited in recent weeks at the Casa de la Marquesa Valero in Palma, where both children's and adult ninots have been displayed.

And although they are always close prizes, in the end only one, in each category, can win the pennant. This year the Best Ninot has gone to the West fails. Likewise, the award for Best Children's Ninot went to Falla Oeste. Double for the commission.

Best Ninot in Dénia 2024

Best Children's Ninot in Dénia 2024

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