A nice New Year's Eve with a coat

31 December 2019 - 09: 33

Tonight we will say goodbye to a year that has stood out, if that is possible in our area, for breaking with all possible predictions, making us enjoy the last days of heat, in the middle of winter, flood our streets in summer and discover covered wind-covered pavilions . But it seems that for this New Year's Eve normality will return.

And what is normality today? Well, from winter we expect cold and from a night of celebration we expect calm wind and clear skies. Well, fortunately, that is what we will have. According to the prediction of the Meteorological Agency, the stars will add to the evening night thanks to the absence of clouds, although temperatures will also drop at night, reaching 6º to enter 2020. During the day we will have them higher, reaching 16º in the Central hours, so it is not a bad idea to sign up for one of the goodbyes of the year at 12:00.

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