Taxis in Dénia

May 21 from 2012 - 12: 59

Getting around Dénia by taxi is easy and comfortable, since, although the city has a bus to the area of Marines, Les Rotes or the new Hospital, it lacks good public transport that connects the urban center with the It montgó.

Taxi ranks in Dénia

The city has several taxi ranks around the town: one in the Plaza Archduke Carlos or bus stop and another on the street vertebre Dénia, the Calle Marques de CampoWhere a few months ago they have reserved an entire section of the street to the taxi stand and reunifying the old stations and taxi drivers offering a more convenient and safe place to do their job.

Taxi companies in Dénia


Another option for getting around by taxi Dénia is to contact the web taxidenia.comWhich also it offers 24 hours, transfer to ports and airports, international service, parcel and courier.

Tel. 608 370 968

Taxis grouping Dénia.

Denia several taxi companies operate, although the most important, the number of vehicles that counts is Taxis Association Dénia.

Taxi drivers members of this group belong to the central taxi in Valencia and have a wide and varied fleet of vehicles operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition to the usual services moving around the city, offering trips to the airports of Valencia, Alicante or any airport in the country, including some abroad; services for insurance companies, collection and delivery of packages waiting service to customers or school services safely.

Radio Taxi Dénia.

Radio Taxi Dénia company is presented as "a different way to take a taxi in Dénia"Ensuring a direct deal with the taxi driver and safety in their vehicles, conetcados with the local police in Dénia during 24 hours a day.

They are identified by wearing a blue band on all its vehicles, and English, German and French spoken.

Taxi 13 Dénia.

Taxi drivers 13 Dénia Two-time party offering their services in Denia and surroundings. They cater to groups requiring several taxis, airports transfers and other services like mensjaería and parcel.

In short, there are many options for getting around Denia taxi, a fast and efficient way to get around the city. There are even some companies that offer tours of Denia, so that visitors no corner of the city is lost.

  1. Wagner says:

    Ich habe ein am 25.06.2016 18 Pansa Street Taxi von zum Busbahnhof um Denia 5: 30 Uhr bestellt.
    Ich möchte auf die Abholung 4: 30 Uhr ändern.
    Bitte bestätigen.

  2. and says:

    The strongest is that no minivan taxi Denia all ...

  3. ilu says:

    It was pretty easy to find a taxi in Dénia, they are contactable both at stops and on the phone, although worth only to travel to the beach or the mountains, not in the city

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