Les Marines beaches: services, location and photos

08 July 2021 - 09: 23

The beach area known as Las Marinas or Les Marines de Dénia is located in the north of the city. It is the widest area of ​​the coast that the municipality has, and it is formed mostly by beaches of sand, although in the furthest area of ​​Dénia we find stone beaches such as L'Almadrava.

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Playa Punta del Raset (Cagarritar)

The closest beach to Dénia is the Beach Punta del Raset, also known as Cagarritar beach. It is born after the port area, and it is also one of the most spacious with the city, with 600 meters in length and an average width of 75 meters.

It has a surveillance service, a bathroom adapted for people with reduced mobility, and parks and sports areas. Also in 2021 he achieved the Blue flag that recognizes the quality of the beach and its services.

Playa Les Albaranes

It is an ideal sandy beach to go with the family, as it has a wide range of sand, as well as sports services for practicing volleyball or soccer. Besides, the Les Albaranes beach It has a special landscape value thanks to the dunes that can be observed in the area and that are being preserved by public entities through environmental programs.

Playa Les Bovetes

With the Blue Flag recognition, the Les Bovetes beach Dénia is one of the largest and most visited on the Dianense coast. It is a sandy beach that has an approximate extension of 1.800 meters and accessibility for people with different capacities.

Playa Els Molins

With an extension of 2,7 km, the Els Molins beach It begins at km 5,4 of the Les Marines road. It is far from the urban center, which, together with its great extension, makes it a little crowded beach. The beach of Els Molins It has the Blue Flag award that certifies the quality of its waters and its services.

Beach L'Almadrava

La La Almadrava Beach of Dénia extends between kilometer 7,8 and kilometer 10,8 of the area of ​​the beach of Les Marines, in the northern area of ​​Dénia. It is a beach of gravel and sand that stands out for the clarity and cleanliness of its waters.

Playa Les Deveses

With almost 3 kilometers of extension, at Les Deveses beach It is the widest sandy beach with the municipality of Dénia. It is the furthest from the town center, it is located at km 10,8 of the road to Les Marines, and part of its charm lies in its naturalness.

It is very crowded by athletes who travel to the place to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing, so it is common to see the horizon full of sails and kites.

A section of it is currently without sand due to the temporary glory January 2020, which was especially hard on that part of the coastline.

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