They continue to add coronavirus positives in the Marina Alta, especially in Dénia

August 14 from 2020 - 11: 18

According to the data made public by the Ministry of Health, the Marina Alta again adds 24 new infections of coronavirus. The Dénia Health Department, in this way, reaches 265 positives in PCR tests since the pandemic arrived.

Of these new infections, most belong to the regional capital, Dénia, where 18 have joined this day. Xàbia, which until a few days ago had not had any new cases, now adds 4 more. The other two belong to Calp and the other to El Verger, which so far had not had any positives after the state of alarm.

  1. Marcel august says:

    Have you ever considered the possibility that this is a media virus? and that we are running like headless chickens?

  2. Olivier says:

    After there are cars in August before there are none. Controls in crossing the borders please.


      Well, in a long time, flights from Brazil and the United States have come through Portugal, in fact they have registered
      In 25 days, more than 3500 Brazilians in Portugal. The question is, do they do PCR? When do they arrive?
      The answer is NO. Now they rent a car and enter Spain without any control, for the record that I have nothing against Brazilians, in fact my wife is Brazilian, and many of her friends are doing so given the situation in the country. In my opinion, many things are being overlooked. In the end, opening ALL THE BORDERS WAS NOT WORTH IT, NEITHER FOR TOURISM NOR FOR HEALTH

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