New cases of coronavirus soar in Dénia and the Marina Alta

August 07 from 2020 - 12: 15

The trend of infections is upward. It can no longer be denied. According to the data from the Ministry of Health that today has been made public and correspond to those registered during the day yesterday, these have increased to 16 new positives in the Dénia Health Department, on which the entire Marina Alta depends.

There are already 224 since the pandemic arrived, 18 more than yesterday where the majority, 8 new ones, have occurred in Dénia. In addition, Calp registers a new one, being 4 in the last 20 days, and 2 are added in Benissa, which it had not registered since before the new normal, and 1 for the first time in Xaló. The other 6 belong to Sagra, a place where no cases have been registered to date.

This number of new positives in just 24 hours is the highest in months. So much so that yesterday's new cases exceed the total registered in the last month. And if we compare with other departments that are under scrutiny, such as Gandia, the figures are even more worrying, since Dénia has already surpassed La Safor in new infections in a single day.

  1. Urs Weber says:

    Wo genau kann ich die Zahlen der Infektionen rund um Denia sehen? Wir sind Richtung Pego und haben keine Ahnung ob in unserer Gegend viele Infizierte leben. Danke für eure Informationen.

  2. H says:

    Biochemist: "The term 'crown contamination' is very misleading and leads to serious policy errors."

    In the period from June 22 to July 26, the RIVM collected dozens of throat and nose samples from patients with acute respiratory tract infections. These samples were analyzed for the presence of the influenza virus, the rhinovirus and the Sars-Cov-2, or corona, among others. The influenza virus or Sars-CoV-2 was not found in any of the samples. However, rhinovirus was found, the cause of colds, among other things.

    The media writes that the number of corona infections is increasing, but are people who test positive actually infected with corona? So it doesn't look that way. Biochemist Mario Ortiz Martínez, who has worked in the pharmaceutical and medical industry for more than 20 years, raises the alarm in an open letter to parliamentarians about what he calls a misinterpretation of positive test results. Wrong and mistaken "pollutions", according to him, lead to serious policy errors.

    The biochemist himself claims to have extensive experience in the PCR test, the most widely used coronary test. "So I know the fork of the well."

    That is not right!
    “A positive PCR result only shows if someone had (a piece of) viral RNA on their nasal mucous membrane. Someone with a positive test DOES NOT RECOGNIZE that that person has been clinically infected, is or will become ill. A PCR result cannot prove that at all. The PCR does not even detect if there was intact viral RNA in the person, nor can it tell if the virus is or has been infectious. "

    Mario Ortiz Martínez says that he is very concerned because at this time the deputies may have the false impression (due to the media) that the number of people potentially ill with corona will increase. “But that's not correct!

    The biochemist highlights in his letter, which he also sent to all the media: “A small part of the real coronas patients sometimes end up in the hospital, but as you have seen, hospitalizations are also on the zero line. So here you can see that the positive results of the PCR lead nowhere ”.

    A total brainwash
    Therefore, the term "infections", which is often used in the media, is very misleading. And now comes the punchline: "A positive PCR test means nothing more than some (presumably older) RNA fragments of the virus genome, or sometimes even another related virus."

    Marije Berkelaar, MD, notes that many people, including many doctors, have been totally brainwashed by one-sided reporting in the media. “The coronavirus is used for the politics of strong fear, extensive propaganda and censorship. The measures taken are useless and unhealthy. Do not participate in them. Feed your health, not your fear ”.

    “Around the world, thousands of people, doctors and scientists are standing up to share their truth. They (we) are being censored, and the videos and messages are being deleted, ”he sighs.

  3. The famous crown says:

    Stay home for life!
    Is the only way!!

  4. TooleyStu says:

    Why have we suddenly started counting Coronavirus?
    Why do we not count CV19 cases any more?
    Why the change?
    Corona virus covers about 7 Human ailments, from Common Cold to Sars and Mers.

  5. José says:

    Let's see if we are already responsible with the information we receive and we begin to know how to interpret what the official authorities say. The contagions are going to increase exponentially as it is happening and there will be more and more cases ... the important thing is the mortality that is increasingly reduced! This is because the virus will neither disappear nor end it, only humans coexist with them and viruses adapt to the human species, their objective being to spread easily without killing the species they infect. That is what is happening, it is adapting to humans and it spreads faster and faster but at the same time it is less deadly! We as a society take it on once and take the measures always in proportion to reality or else we are finished as a society and it is the new era of poverty in the new Spain.



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