Where have the different coronavirus outbreaks occurred in Dénia registered during the last day?

August 07 from 2020 - 12: 46

In the last day The new coronavirus positives have shot up in Dénia and the Marina Alta, surpassing those registered in the same period in the Gandia Health Department. The figure for the last 24 hours is greater than the total collected during the last month. What is the cause and where have these infections occurred?

According to Public Health sources consulted by Dénia.com, there are now between 2 and 3 outbreaks in Dénia. But what is considered an outbreak? That at least three people belonging to the same circle have tested positive or, what is the same, a first positive has infected at least two others. The rest of the cases in the capital of the Marina Alta, according to the authority consulted, are independent of other registered ones.

They admit that several of these have occurred in the leisure sector, but especially contagious are the infections due to family and friends gatherings, which assure that they have exploded and that they now require more effort to tackle and prevent future cases.

Latest news about the coronavirus in Dénia

  1. Luis male says:

    There are many golfers who do not respect and continue with the bottle and if you call the Oliva police they will pass it to the bullfighter apparently they will be deaf but they will also fall like everyone

  2. Chef says:

    All lies, lying reports, only words to confuse Fear in people, a lot of faith in each other, we are awake, you know, and we do not believe these lies.

  3. Lulu olave says:

    You are absolutely 100% right ...

  4. mariangeles says:

    You have every reason
    Jose when we get to the worst it will be too late, they are low and we are without primary care.

  5. José says:

    And while the Marina Salud Hospital and the Marina Alta area, low minimums in health personnel, and maintenance.
    The Valencian Government must seriously rethink the conversion to public management. And to reverse the abandonment of the service that sadly privatized the pp for its own benefit and deteriorated the sanitary service for all the populations that make up La Marina Alta. Where are the mayors and councilors of these populations, in the head Dénia, to put pressure on Valencia?

    • Luis says:

      Totally agree. They are all silent because they have no idea. Here what there is is too familiar and little friend plugged into positions of great social responsibility. This is how everything goes wrong and as long as this plug system does not change, everything will continue to be just as poor. It doesn't matter when PP or PSOE or Compromis all end up plugging their close climbers.

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