"What a great news! A new pavilion»

17 March 2023 - 10: 25

Elections are coming up and the monocolor government of the PSOE, he rushes to finish off certain jobs that he has not had time to do, or maybe he did, but since there were no elections, well, "why?" Now public benches are painted, works are finished and among other great news, studies and large-scale projects that had sections are brought to light.
When, after the 2019 Dana storm, in which, unfortunately, a tornado struck the sports pavilion (among many other public and private assets), Gent de Dénia proposed to build a new pavilion in the area next to the sports center, on the land that adjoins the soccer field, and what used to be the barracks of the institute.

We provided situation plans and it was published in the press at the time. Faced with Gent de Dénia's proposal, the government team began by saying that they did not know if this was the ideal site, but shortly after they appeared with a magical solution... That was the site they had thought of for the execution of a future sports pavilion . After this, between the pandemic and the fact that it was not an electoral period, it faded over time and now, that we are at the right time, it reappears. In four years they have not moved a hair and suddenly it appears as an investment of about 12 million euros, with immediate project bidding. This is efficiency, it has taken time, but... okay.

We are flattered that it is where we proposed, it will be that it is a good site, we are worried that it appears now, that means that with the project done, we can spend many years to make it a reality, because if they had some type of financing, the consellers would have come to present infographics, videos and wonders. Perhaps they will take it out again to tender it for the next elections, depending on how the results go... or not even that. But for the moment we announce it, that the matter is good for us.

Gent de Dénia does not want any medal, nor do we want the recognition that we presented a good idea in its day (like many of the ones we have presented), what we want is for things to be done well and it bothers us that they engulf proposals, removing them as scoop in electoral campaign. What you have to do is make them a reality throughout the legislature and not present large investments in the face of the elections, or wash the face of the city at the last minute, such as rushing to paint the few banks that have been left and have not been removed from the road public, as for example in the Saladar. But meanwhile, without toilets in the bus station and without a station in good condition, without the roundabout on Avenida de Alicante, without a General Plan, etc., etc., etc.

Mario Vidal, candidate for mayor by Gent de Dénia

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