Dénia announces the plan for the expected new pavilion that will have a capacity for 2500 spectators

16 March 2023 - 12: 40

This morning, the Councilor for Town Planning, Maria Josep Ripoll, Councilor for Sports, Raul Garcia de la Reina, and the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, have presented the long-awaited project for the new pavilion to be built in the city. The project has been highly demanded by the population, since the previous pavilion did not meet the needs of athletes and spectators.

Yesterday, the start of the contracting file for the new Dénia pavilion was approved, which will be located next to the athletics tracks, on the plot where the barracks of the third institute were before moving to its current location. The construction of the new pavilion will occupy a space of approximately 5900 square meters, of which 3800 square meters will be for construction.

The pavilion will have the capacity to accommodate 2500 spectators in fixed and mobile stands

The new Dénia pavilion project will have a Grand Pavilion format, and it is expected that it can house different sports disciplines and non-sports events. The space will have a central multi-sport court and three transversal courts. In addition, the pavilion will be able to accommodate 2500 spectators in fixed and mobile stands. The construction of courts outside the enclosure is also planned, including one for 7-a-side football.

The construction of the new pavilion will cost approximately 12 million euros and an execution period of 20 months.

In the presentation of the project, the Councilor for Sports, Raül García de la Reina, highlighted the work that has been carried out in recent years to improve the city's sports facilities. The mayor recalled the obstacles they have had to face, such as DANA and the temporary glory, and has highlighted the different interventions that have been carried out to improve the sports infrastructures of the city. These include the climbing wall, the extension of the frontons and the skatepark, the floor and fencing of the trinquet, the grass, stands and toilets of the Field Diego Mena, and the interventions in El Rodat and the Joan Fuster pavilion. All these interventions have required an investment of 1,5 million euros from the municipal coffers.

Modern facilities adapted to current needs

The mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, declared during the presentation of the project that the construction of the new pavilion is part of the urban transformation of the city and responds to the need to offer sports clubs the facilities they need. In addition, he highlighted that the city has worked on the transformation of all areas of the city, not only in the center of it. Grimalt has indicated that the construction of the new pavilion will allow the clubs to have modern facilities adapted to current needs.

The tender will open this week for the drafting of the project, with a budget of €309.000 and a six-month term. Interested parties have 60 days to submit a draft with which to assess, among other things, the design, integration into the landscape and the financial offer.

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  1. Dani says:

    A pavilion that arrives late.
    Of course, they screwed up with the Station, what are they going to do?
    This mayor is a waster.
    mayor resignation
    City Hall outlawing.