Marineta Cassiana beach: location, services and photos

15 July 2021 - 09: 10

Marineta Cassiana or Marineta Casiana beach, located south of the city of Dénia, is the closest beach to the town center. It is a sandy beach, awarded several times with the Blue flag that recognizes the quality of its waters and services to users.


Marineta Cassiana is one of the beaches closer to the town of Dénia, being located next to the southern breakwater of the port, just behind the different marinas and the Marina de Denia. It is the first beach in the south of Dénia and the only sandy one.


Its sea stands out for being almost always calm thanks to its proximity to the breakwater of the port and because it has a second breakwater that closes the bay.


The water is very shallow, making it an ideal destination for families with young children and for the elderly. It has a hotel a few meters away, but even so it is usually one of the quietest coves on the Dénia coast.

Smokeless beach

Since 2020, the southernmost area of ​​Marineta Cassiana beach, also known as Marge Roig, has been considered a smoke-free beach. This means that smoking is prohibited in that area, being the only stretch of the entire Dianense coast with these regulations. In the place the prohibition is indicated with posters painted on the walk.


The beach promenade begins near the entrance of the Marina de Denia, but is sheltered from the exits and entrances of the ships as their form of small bay transforms its waters in nearly a millpond. This feature makes this beach ideal to go with children as it poses no danger in relation to the movement of water and also does not have much depth.


There are many good views of the beach Denia Marineta Casiana users, as well as not being far from the city, parking is easy and accessible to all kinds of people.



The Marineta Casiana beach in Dénia has walkways to the sand, litter bins and footbaths.

Safety and lifeguard

To maintain the safety of the bathers, a lifeguard point and two proximity chairs for Red Cross surveillance are installed on the beach, as well as police surveillance. It also has a rescue boat and a first aid station.

There is also buoying to maintain the safety of swimmers because the beach has a channel entry and exit of vessels.

Accessibility and adapted bathroom

La Marineta Cassiana has an adapted bathroom service. In other words, it has staff dedicated to the loan of amphibious vehicles, or amphibuggies, so that people with reduced mobility can enjoy a day at the beach. It also has crutches adapted for use on the beach.

In the same way, the beach has a shaded place for service users, as well as adapted bathrooms, showers and changing rooms.

Marineta Cassiana Beach Bar

La Marineta Cassiana has its own beach bar a few meters from the shore, in one of the main entrances. In addition to the bar, it has a terrace with tables to enjoy a drink or a soft drink next to the water.

Also in the chiringuito are the public bathrooms, which despite being located next to the establishment, their use is completely free for anyone who needs to use them.


Since 2021, in the middle of the Paseo de la Marineta Cassiana there is a wooden hut where the Biblioplatja is located. It is a book loan service that works as an extension of the Municipal Library.

The Biblioplatja de la Marineta Cassiana has a catalog of 1.000 novels and children's literature titles, both in Valencian and Spanish. In addition, in the place you can enjoy the daily press.

Reading area

Next to the book lending stand, there is an area in the shade of the trees with tables and chairs to enjoy a reading with views of the sea, although the service also allows the loans to be taken home for 15 days, having to be returned in the same place.


The Biblioplatja is open from June 16 to September 30, Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 14 p.m. and from 16 p.m. to 19 p.m.

Marineta Casiana film

Until 2012, Marineta Cassiana beach was a must-see on summer Sunday nights, because in the one known as Marge Roig films from the Cine Vora Mar cycle were screened.

Due to the influx of public, the City Council decided to move these projections to the beach Punta del Raset with the same schedule, every summer.


The area where the Marineta Cassiana beach is located is an area highly sought after by tourists, at the beginning of the road from Les Rotes. For more information about rentals in La Marineta Cassiana, we invite you to visit our section of Real estate.

Thanks to the facilities that this beach offers to its users, it is one of the busiest in the city, especially considering that every summer a beach bar is installed in the sand that has become one of the main attractions of this Dianense area. .


Vehicles entering this beach area can park on the parallel road to the coast, which is accessed from the road to Les Rotes Dénia, and across the parking lot there on the right side of the beach.

Likewise, there is a larger car park belonging to the Puerto Deportivo Marina de Dénia where vehicles can park for free.



  1. Mj says:

    It is a shame, the accumulated algae give a bad smell and a feeling of neglect on the part of the council.

  2. Deva says:

    Please clean the beach properly, it smells very bad and is disgusting to get into the water. I remember that a few years ago it was not like that, but now the rotten seaweed on the shore and the uneven sand in any way ... please let the marineta go back to what it was.
    In the past, sand was put in and the beach was cleaned every day, the promenade is very crowded and we are already giving a very bad image of the town. I could say that it is a shame, perhaps I would rather say a shame.
    Please do something with the marineta and let her go back to what she was. Thanks

    • Ricardo says:

      You are absolutely right, it is very unpleasant, both because of the smell and because of the contact of so many dead poseidonia.
      It is the sale of an outdated environmentalist concept. There are other much more efficient beach protection models. GRIEF.

    • Mj says:

      It is a shame, the accumulated algae give a bad smell and a feeling of neglect on the part of the council.

  3. Sofia Rodriguez says:

    Well we wish it was li
    linpiada the entire beach of La Marineta dr the algae is cleaned half and the rest accumulates the algae, the whole beach and waters are dirty from the rotten algae by the currents that drag them giving bad smells and you do not want to get in, clean it all would be a good for all it was always done, only for several years they stopped doing it

  4. Miguel Ayette says:

    From Brazil I look for MARINETA meaning and there is no way to find it. Can anyone tell me the meaning of it? Thank you.