Manuel Farraona was the winner of the swim across 'La Mar de Dénia'

07 September 2016 - 00: 01

Manuel Farraona swimmer was the winner of the Swimming Crossing "La Mar de Dénia"That took place in the Marineta Beach Cassiana. This test was the fifth score for "IV Circuit d'aigüies Obertes of the Marina Alta"Organized by the Consorci Esportiu Marina Alta. The test was organized by the Centro Deportivo Dénia who looked the most of every detail of it.

The absolute winners on the podium

Crossing the stage presented optimal conditions for the development of the race with a total calm sea thanked all participants. The route had to cover participants was 1.500 meters.

Farraona Swimming Club swimmer Ferca was the clear dominator of the race with a steady pace was gradually opening gap to his closest pursuers. He left the first water and crossed the goal arc with a record of 26: 59. The second place was his club-mate, Adrián Zornosa who made a time of 27: 01. The podium was completed Dario Peris also Ferca Swimming Club, who came to the finish line with a time of 27: 20.

In women the best was Sara Molina, CA Safor with a time of 30: 37, ahead of his club colleague, Mónica Melo who made a time of 32: 35. The third was classified, Tamara Climent Swimming Club Ondara who made a mark 33: 25.

Environment after crossing


Junior Male

1 º Nicolás Hernando

Sub 23 Women

ª 1 Tania Navarro

Sub Male 23

1 º Pablo Martínez

2 º Luis Ferrando

Senior Women

ª 1 María Mena

ª 2 Sara Serra

ª 3 Cristina Pulido

Senior male

1 º Adrián Zornosa

2 º Dario Peris

3 º Alejandro Blanco

Master 30 Women

ª 1 Mónica Melo

ª 2 Tamara Climent

ª 3 Anna Jordens

Master Male 30

1 º José Luis Aguado

2 º Ramón Tamarit

3 º Alberto Simonini

Master 40 Women

ª 1 Sara Molina

ª 2 Nuria Barragán

ª 3 Mónica Cardete

Master Male 40

1 º Jordi Guirado

2 º David Escrivá

3 º Enrique Segarra

Master 50 Women

ª 1 Ford Mogsy

ª 2 Vicenta Pastor

ª 3 Real Isabel

Master Male 50

1 º Manuel Farraona

2 º Antoni Cots

3 º George Boge

Master Plus Women

ª 1 Amparo Valderas

ª 2 Amparo Tent

Master Plus Male

1 º Philip Baker

2 º Richard Mitchell

3 º Joop Draaisma

Swimmers in the finish area

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