The remains of scrap metal and garbage forgotten in the Dénia sea are reborn in the form of a sculpture

05 October 2022 - 11: 04

Once again, "with the aim of acting collectively in defense of the natural environment that surrounds us", as the Councilor for Ecological Transition points out, Maite Pérez Conejero, the City Council of Dénia asks for citizen collaboration to collaborate in the cleaning day of the coast for a clean sea which will take place on Sunday, October 16.

The activity will begin at 08:00 in the morning in the fishing surroundings of the port of Dénia. The participants will have free parking in the parking provided by the Pòsit de Dénia. At the entrance, the necessary tools will be given for a cleaning that can be done in three ways: walking along the coast, by Les Rotes, the breakwaters of the port of Dénia and the beaches from Punta Raset and Albaranes; by boat (kayak, paddle surf, canoe and others) collecting any floating debris found during navigation or diving through the established areas: the marine reserve of Cabo de Sant Antoni, the natural reserve of the seabed (Marineta Cassiana and southern area of ​​the cape) and the northern area of ​​the port of Dénia.

The raid will last an estimated hour and a half. Later, in the vicinity of the fish market, everything collected will be weighed.

At 12:00, as the culmination of the solidarity day, a sculpture made by the Fallas artist will be presented Rafa Cheli using the scrap collected in the port of Dénia in previous editions of for a clean sea.

In addition, to reward the involvement of citizens, a gift will be distributed among the participants that will consist of a recycled plastic broom (also from the waste collected in past editions) manufactured with the collaboration of the companies of the Marina Alta Aura Industries, Bottles Recycling and Vigar.

How to register

People interested in collaborating in the conference must register by sending a email to the Valencian NGO Eucrante, which works on the study and awareness for the preservation of the marine environment and collaborates with the City Council on volunteering and marine environmental education. They can also show up on the same Sunday and register at the meeting point.

junk fish

With the idea of ​​creating art from waste, the Department of Ecological Transition and the Dianense artist Rafa Cheli undertook the task of converting part of the scrap metal collected in the port of Dénia the previous edition into an artistic work that will serve to raise awareness among the population.

The figure, 3 meters high by 4,5 meters long, with a width of about one meter forty, represents a Mediterranean fish: the fadri or fredi (Thalassoma turkey).

The work is a mixture of wheels, shopping carts and wiring, among other waste recovered from the waters of the port, which make up the entrails of the fish. The head and tail are made of polyester. The sculpture rests on a concrete base.

The scrap fish created by Cheli will be installed on the small esplanade in front of the rear exit of the Museu de la Mar.

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  1. Rudibert says:

    A plastic broom results in scattered microplastic when used. That seems inadvisable to me.