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Dénia Hospital patients become "experts" to improve their quality of life

November 13 from 2015 - 00: 00

El Hospital de Dénia It has launched a new program aimed at patients with chronic diseases and their families that aims to improve their quality of life through training workshops and self-care.

This model, which was implemented at the University of Standford (USA), consists of workshops founded on peer training, they are taught by professionals and patients with chronic diseases. They exchange knowledge between people who share the experience of chronic illness in order to improve their quality of life is provided.

Program 'Patient Active' in the Hospital de Dénia

Patients, through different activities, begin to make small changes, increasing confidence in their abilities to manage the symptoms and problems caused by the disease; they learn to manage pain, resolve conflicts, adapt their diet, increase their level of physical activity, control their mood and the way illness influences their personal relationships.

Maria Teresa Abad, optional Public Health, is responsible for the program in Dénia Department of Health and program leaders by Marina Salud are Dr. Francisco Buigues, family physician CS Benissa, Coordinator CSI Dénia, Mª Dolores Pérez Estela, and a nurse CSI Denia, Cristina Martínez Puigcerver.

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