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The elders teach the children the art of weaving

February 25 from 2020 - 09: 37

Dénia's future converges with its more traditional arts to create a unique space where children can enjoy. That was the goal of the Escoleta El Castellet and that has been the result.

The Escoleta sought to integrate the elderly in their work, as well as promoting the coexistence and collaboration of children with the elderly. Therefore, they commissioned a group of older artists to decorate a corner of the center with woven wool.


"Those yayos and yayas transmit and enrich us with their experience, make the traditions rooted, where we feel more secure and entrenched", they point from the center.


In addition, they took the opportunity to show the children the art of weaving clothes in order to prepare the costumes for the next theater that the students will perform. "We want to pay tribute to our elders and folk art because they are the ones who, with their presence and patience, manage to give color and beauty to every corner of our life".

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