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CEI El Castellet

In the Children's Center "El Castellet" We work every day to give our little ones the best we have.

Our project, based on Multiple Intelligences, allows us to access the child in all its facets. Empowering both individuals and groups those aspects that are more unique and with which they feel most identified.

Musical activities that develop musical intelligence, psychomotricity for kinesthetic-corporal or naturalistic in our school garden, are small samples of a wide range of possibilities that we offer each day.

Without losing our identifying stamp, as we continue to be a center that bets on the familiar and the friendly, we are constantly renewing so that nothing that happens around us is indifferent to us.

In addition, technology already occupies an important place in our classrooms, since with it we play and have fun.

But this is not all, since we are constantly searching and we will soon start a new project.

In February we have joined the "Happy Classrooms" Program based on Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

Our engine is children and full of enthusiasm we undertake every day the noble task of making them grow and learn with us through play, experimentation and experiences among equals.

If you want to see for yourself, come and meet us. Families with kids from 0 to 3 years are in luck, soon begins a new course and you can be part of our beautiful and very interesting castle.


C / Doctor Fleming, 5 B -

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  1. Courtney Horwitz says:


    My husband, five year old daughter and two year old are and I will be in Denia from July 15-July 29. We are from the United States. My husband, daughter and I will be going to TLCDenia language school Monday through Friday in the morning. Is it possible to have my two year old son in your daycare during that time?

    Thank you,

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