The future faces of tourism are formed in Dénia

19 October 2022 - 10: 26

Last Friday, the Port of Dénia welcomed the students of the cycle of Guide, information and tourist assistance, taught by the IES Maria Ibars, the only institute in the Marina Alta where these studies are currently being carried out. This action, promoted by Punt Nàutic, adds to the job orientation campaign carried out annually, offering the possibility of complementing the subject taught by the IES teachers with specific knowledge of the nautical sector.

The initiative, designed to enhance the nautical information that future informants and tour guides will offer to both tourists and citizens, arises from the interaction of the different territorial agents that make up the maritime sector of the region with the Punt Nàutic. During the day, different entities of the Port of Dénia acted as hosts for the students who, while visiting the facilities, were presented with specific content corresponding to boats, marinas and their services, nautical activities, the fishing port and the arts of fishing or the maritime environment among others.

The day began with a visit to the maritime station de Baleària, followed by Marina el Portet de Dénia, the Fishermen's Guild and ending the tour in the marina of Marina de Denia. At each of the stops, it was reported that the full collaboration of the different entities, which in addition to opening their facilities to students, designated several of their workers to cover the functions of "specialist teachers" for one day.

We remind you that the Punt Nàutic is part of the set of projects that are being developed by pacte'MA, within the framework of the Avalem Territori program subsidized by Labora -Valencian Employment and Training Service- and by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.

  1. María says:

    Can you do something that is not aimed at tourism? The crowds on the beaches and the center must please the City Council and the hotel industry more. All young waiters, tour guides or to sell in real estate.

  2. Luis says:

    All just to opt to work as tour guides? The nautical and maritime sector is made up of a wide range of job opportunities and does not offer training or job opportunities.