Marine station Dénia

Since 20 2013 March, Dénia has a new building that is now part of its coastline and that enables a new place, more spacious and airy, for the arrival and departure of boats to the Balearic Islands.

Marine station Dénia

The Station, built by Baleària, is located on the new Dénia promenade, in the area called "El Portet". The company has the operation of these facilities for the next 25 years.

The new Maritime Station of Denia was inaugurated by the president of the Generalitat, Alberto Fabra, Who was accompanied by the Mayor of Dénia, Ana KringeAnd numerous personalities Dianense social life.

Inauguration of Maritime Estacoón

The building and its services

The complex includes a total of 54.845 square meters, of which 2.300 square meters for the building itself and the rest Marine Station, three docks, Campa, parking and adjoining surfaces.

The building has three floors. On the ground floor is the hall, where passengers have seats to rest while waiting for the ship's departure and the information desks of the shipping, tourist information and private companies of services related to tourism car rental.

Children have a small play area in the lobby entrance entertains them by 3 euros per hour in a professional animation offers workshops and activities.

On the same ground floor, and with access to the outside of the Maritime Station, there are several bars and restaurants whose main attraction, in addition to the cuisine they offer, are the views of the seafront of Dénia, in which the It montgó and the castle.

The first floor is the place where the offices of the personnel of Baleària and in it we can also find a room known as "The House of the Paraula" It offered for book presentations and other cultural activities.

In the second and top floor it has enabled a versatile open area where you have multitudinous accommodate exhibitions or talks and that soon after the completion of construction of the runway, will be boarding the ferry area.


Access to the Dénia Maritime Station is via the roundabout in the Plaza de Benidorm, next to the Paseo del raset. From there a 1,5-kilometer walk that runs over the Mediterranean begins and ends at the station facilities.

Passengers who access private vehicles have at their disposal a parking fee, although the first 45 minutes parking is free.

Those who prefer not accessible by car are able to reach the Maritime Station aboard the solar boat the PansetaWhich connects the center of Dénia with the building within minutes for free.

Opening times

The schedule of the ferry terminal for passage Monday through Friday from 9: 00 20 to: 15 hours, Saturdays from 9: 00 20 to: 00 10 hours and Sundays: 00 20 to: 15.

To load the schedule is from Sunday to Friday from 18: 00 20 to: 00 hours, and on Saturdays from 15: 00 17 to: 00 hours.


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  1. Enrique Miquel says:

    Great place to locate the new bus station in Denia and give more prominence and usefulness to the magnificent Maritime Station and if the end is constructed in its vicinity the Mall, they say ....

    • Marcos hard to believe says:

      Yes, that conercial center has been in a nightclub, now called the JAUJA season, anything goes to make money, occupying the public domain, which surely was not what had granted if they had done constat in the proposal that would vonstruir a station-Discotheque, or maybe if, after apparently seen, you can not play with the space that belongs to everyone, and that space should be used to provide better services to citizens, not to compete with activities they are not framed within the scope of the concession.

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