Las Fallas Denia pay tribute to the Mare de Deu in a massive offering

20 March 2013 - 04: 43

More than 2.000 falleros and falleras Denia participated in the offering, as every year, acts centralized morning San Jose in the city.

La Calle Marques de Campo and its adjacent saw parading the 11 commissions Dénia, who preceded the locker room of the Mare de Deu, members of the Festival Committee and partners Pensioners of Dénia.

La Local Board Fallera of Dénia was attended by members of the parties of Elche, San Vicente, Segorbe and Elda. As usual, several older Falleras of other years paraded with them, as well as the Exemplary Fallero, José Antonio Moya; and the 2013 announcer, Mayte Cabrera. This year, as a novelty, some of the presidents of the Fallera Local Board participated in the offering.

Older Denia, Marta and Rocío Patricio Falleras Tabernero, accompanied by their courts of honor, closed the parade procession.

And in the Church of the Assumption, the positions of the Fallas 2013, invited local boards and other Falleras Over years laid their bouquets at the feet of the Virgin. Older Denia, very excited, Falleras did the same with their flowers. In addition, Rocío handed the scroll containing the names of persons who participated in the Virtual Offering the Local Board Fallera launched this year.

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