The faults Baix la Mar and Centro picked up the recognitions of JCF as best faults of Dénia 2018

May 23 from 2018 - 17: 26

Representatives of the failures Baix la Mar and Centro de Dénia participated last May's 18 in The Gala dels 1, organized by the Central Board Fallera de València to recognize the work of the Fallas artists that in this 2018 have won the 1 prize in the highest sections of the faults throughout the Region.

The event was held in the auditorium of the Valencian town of Catarroja, where the charges of the best faults of Dénia were moved, in addition to the largest faller in the city, Melani Ivars, accompanied by members of the Local Board Fallera.

The artists José Sanchis (Baix la Mar) and José Gallego (Center), saw their work recognized in the faults of the dianenses special section, a recognition they received also last Sunday, during the farewell of the major falleras of Dénia.

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