The fallero world clothes Melani and Carla in their farewell as Dénia's biggest fallas 2018

May 21 from 2018 - 13: 33

Two great representatives of the fallera party in Dénia said goodbye this Sunday to an unforgettable year in their lives. Melani Ivars and Carla Vinaroz, senior falleras of Dénia 2018, celebrated the farewell of their position surrounded by friends, family, and the affection of the fallero world of the city.

The major falleras arrived, radiant, to the auditorium of the Social Center after the 11: 00 in the morning. There the charges of the failures of Dénia of 2018 and 2019; the components of their courts of honor; and the local authorities, represented by the party councilor, Óscar MengualAnd the mayor of the city, Vicent Grimalt.

After receiving all the guests, the act began at noon. The vice president of Local Board Fallera, Lorena Paris, was in charge of driving the farewell, which began with a video tribute to the major falleras and their courts of honor.

Benavente: "Together we have all the strength of the world"

Next, the president of the Board, José Vicente Benavente, addressed the public with three reflections to the fallero world: that being a fallero is "a feeling, a way of living and understanding life, a feeling of Valencianity that surrounds and traps us. Together we have all the strength of the world". Secondly, he referred to the work of the Board, aimed at "Modernize as far as possible the failures of Dénia, always with the approval of the Board". Finally he referred to the 90 anniversary of the failures of Dénia. And is that the 1929 planted the first fault with its relevant commission, the Fallera el Tró joined, on Independencia street. On that occasion, he announced that a series of events to commemorate this event are being prepared by the Board.

In the section of acknowledgments, Benavente thanked the work of the City Council for the failures, and reminded them that there is one pending issue: the Museu Faller de Dénia. He also acknowledged that it has been "a pleasure" share the year with the charges of the failures of Dénia 2018, and 2019 recommended them to make pineapple and not neglect their work in the failure.

Benavente shared with the audience some anecdote shared with his "companions", Melani and Carla, who wanted to put a note "as a master fallero apprentice". The note was a four, he said, so "you have to repeat". Out of joke, the president awarded them an honorary license because "you leave the level very high".

The love of the faults

The courts of honor of the major falleras of Dénia took their place on the stage and, after them, Melani and Carla walked down the hall wrapped in the applause of the public and accompanied by the mayor of the city. Vicent Grimalt also had words of affection for the protagonists, who recognized her excellent work as ambassadors of Dénia and wished the best in their lives.

The 2018 charges of Dénia's failures were paraded around the stage as a sign of affection for Dénia's major falleras, and their commissions, Campaments (Carla) and Saladar (Melani), gave them emotional words.

Awards and acknowledgements

The farewell of the major fallers of Dénia 2018 also served to honor the fallas artists who have risen, in 2018, with the first prizes of each section.

So, Carla and Melani delivered a detail to Enric Ginestar (1º First Section children's prize); José Gallego (1º child prize Special Section); Rafa Ibáñez (1º First Section Award) and José Sanchís (1º Special Section Award).

Then, the secretary of the Local Board Fallera, Salva Llorens, read the minutes of the jury of the parade of offering, which this year awarded to the Baix la Mar fails.

Memories and pride in the speeches to Melani and Carla

At the time of the speeches addressed to the major falleras of Dénia, the first to discover who would be in charge of talking to her was Carla. The small Teresa Aparicio, senior infant faller Xàtiva 2017 and personal friend of Carla and her family, was in charge of carrying out this work.

Teresa remembered how they met in Alicante at the beginning of Carla's reign, a "Carla Xicoteta that became a major major fallera of her city". From that moment and until his farewell in Xàtiva, they shared many events throughout the Valencian geography.

The little girl recommended Carla to always remember the applause she has received throughout the year, but especially that morning of her farewell.

A Melani Patricia Rubio spoke, friend and partner of failure that reminded him how reluctant that Melani was to be presented to senior faller Dénia year ago. Patricia was proud of her friend, her attributes and her attitude as a senior faller, and acknowledged that on more than one occasion she had to endure the tears of emotion when she saw her parade through the streets of Dénia.

Now a new adventure begins for Melani, and Patricia offered to continue by her side at every step. Finally, he asked the public to "Let's say goodbye to the main faller of Dénia".

Complicity between Melani and Carla in her farewell speech

The act ended with the combined words of Melani and Carla, a moment of gratitude and memory that they shared with much complicity and looks full of hope.

"It has been a great pride to represent Dénia wherever they have invited us"said Melani. "We have grown up as Valencian women, always surrounded by great people", said the major falleras. They had words of thanks to Óscar Mengual and Vicent Grimalt, as well as to the local security forces, media and costumers.

Melani and Carla praised the work of the Dénia fallas commissions, where they affirmed "having felt the heat in each fallero neighborhood". They also had words of affection for the members of the Fallera Local Board, which "They have made our way much easier", especially José Vicente Benavente, who will be remembered "with much love as who you are, our president and partner".

The voices were interspersed when talking about their respective families, whose support has been essential for the major falleras of Dénia.

Melani and Carla also talked about each other, merging in an embrace as a sign of the union they have maintained throughout this year.

Two large falleras leave, and the door of the new fallero exercise opens. Next Friday, May 25, from the 21: 00 hours, we will know the names of their successors in the position.

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