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The situation of the Marina Alta is more than good: only 1 positive in the plant and 2 weeks without income in the ICU

May 20 from 2020 - 12: 46

The Dénia Health Department is one of those with the lowest rate of coronavirus contagions. And it has been this way since data by departments began to be provided. In this way, the Marina Alta is among the best regions of the Community to return to normality without risks. Although, after yesterday's announcement from the Generalitat, these do not see it the same.

We stayed in Phase 1 waiting for the departments with the highest rate of infections to improve their statistics, despite the region having complied with theirs.

As announced today by Hospital de Dénia, at the moment, they only have one patient admitted to the COVID-19 positive floor. Therefore, they have plenty of space to attend to a greater number of infections, although, as confirmed from the center, the trend of the curve in Marina Alta is downward.

In addition to this positive admitted, another 4 are recovering after passing the disease, which have already given negative in the latest tests. And the good news does not remain there, but the Hospital indicates that they have been without an ICU for two weeks.

"The situation of the Department of Health of Dénia has nothing to do with that of April 1", they emphasize from the Hospital, although they did not want to make declarations about the decision of the Generalitat since they understand that the decision to pass phases in a unitary manner meets other criteria.

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