The Generalitat's plan leaves the Marina Alta out of Phase 2

May 19 from 2020 - 20: 06

Since it was announced that only 10 departments of the Valencian Community were going to move to Phase 11 on May 1, the Generalitat has fought incessantly to add the rest of the community's departments and thus make the block de-escalation. That, despite having proposed the idea of ​​de-escalation by departments.

After insisting, the Ministry finally let the rest of the departments that were already in Phase 1 be added from this Monday. The Generalitat has achieved what it wanted, moving to Phase 1 en bloc. However, the new plan allowed circulation within the same province and not only between departments, something that already suggested what was about to happen.

The Valencian Government is not going to ask that next week the 10 departments that opened Phase 1, including Dénia, which covers the entire Marina Alta, pass to the second phase. As stated by Ana Barceló at her press conference, all departments will wait one more week to be evaluated and thus move on to the next phase.

With this, the Generalitat has sacrificed the 10 departments that were best so that the large metropolitan areas can pass alongside the rest. For these, the Marina Alta stays, at least, one more week in Phase 1.

  1. Karl Marx says:

    The posh Valencians cannot stand that those of us in Denia have more privileges than them ... no admitted to the ICU, more than 3 weeks without deaths ... Health will put them in their place ... ☭

  2. Gudrun und Karl Rupp says:

    Wir verstehen nicht, dass wir nicht einzeln in den Gemeinschaftspool gehen dürfen. Wir sind in der Urbanization insgesamt 42 Bungalows, wo von 7 mit nur insgesamt 16 Personen besetzt sind.
    Jetzt ist das schöne Wetter und wunderbares Wasser, das Schwimmen ließe sich wunderbar regeln.

  3. Vicente says:

    It seems to me very good that these measures are adopted although it does not suit me, I wanted to go to Valencia out of necessity, also in Denia most people pass the rules because of the lining, congratulations on this decision.

  4. Zoe says:

    What would be the measure of passing in a block? If there are territories that are well and with the possibility of advancing to the next phase, such as Denia.

  5. Dani says:

    I think they should let us pass to Phase 2 even if tourists have to quarantine

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