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The lifeguard will be ready for phase 3 of the de-escalation, in which the beaches will be opened

May 06 from 2020 - 01: 00

The lifeguard service on the beaches of Dénia will be launched this year in a date yet to be confirmed, from June 8. This is later than usual, due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing (the date that was scheduled for the start of this service was June 1). While phase 3 of the de-escalation arrives and the specific measures are known, the conditioning work continues.

According to Pepe Doménech, councilor of beaches, this time is used to advance as much as possible: "Next weekend they begin to remove the mountains of algae from the Marineta Cassiana and to place walkways, but only in main accesses, which is the recommendation at the moment ". In addition, according to the councilman, the catwalks will be disinfected where there is more influx of public.

The fact that the opening of the beaches is placed, if everything goes well, from June 8, implies valuable time for planning, explains Doménech. From the council they try to apply "everything that comes out", for example, they are waiting for a protocol prepared by the Valencian government and the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) that will shed light on the measures to be implemented. In addition, they have met electronically with various municipalities of the Valencian Community to coordinate and be unified in terms of beach management. In Doménech's opinion, this will be a summer with many national tourists, from second homes, many from Valencia, Madrid or Castilla y León: "We will have to be more responsible and follow the measures that they dictate to us, we still do not know what they will be."

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