Green jobs, star of the day Rio + 20

Event Date: February 18th 2012
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Municipal House of Culture
Schedule: 9: 30
Tickets: Free
Event finished

In June this year, the United Nations will hold the World Conference in Rio de Janeiro Rio + 20 on sustainable development. This is the third Earth Summit held 20 years after the first.

Saturday February 18, the spirit of the summit reaches Denia in the day "Rio + 20 and the green economy. Green capitalism: is it a way out of the crisis?" Esquerra Unida organized by Els Verds and PV, with the cooperation of PACMA more Ecologists in Action, Tanquem Cofrents, UGT, Intersindical Valenciana, CC.OO., COL.LECTIU AIXA and COL.LECTIU Saó.

From the 9: 30 and until the 18 hours, green jobs, renewable energies, agroecology, water management and territorial policy will be discussed.

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