The demonstration "For freedom of expression" brought together 400 people

24 October 2014 - 00: 00

The demonstration called by the Union Public Employees of Valencia called 400 people who started the journey from the square Archduke Charles, to the square of the Constitution, at the foot of City Hall. Once there, Enrique Alcaraz, union general secretary read a statement of thanks to the political organizations present at the demonstration.

Demonstration in carrer Cop

There was no lack of representatives of Els Verds, Esquerra Unida, PSOE, Compromís, UPyD, We Can Marina Alta and the Platform affected by the mortgage. Also to the Interterritorial Coordinator of Public Employees and to the SIME (Murcia), Afapna (Navarra), Star (Rioja), Sepca (Canary Islands) for their support and also to the workers of the Residence of Santa Llúcia who were the ones who encouraged him To make the demonstration.

Enrique Alcaraz, with Andrea Pastor

He had harsh words for politicians in the municipal government, " that is dirty is not the streets but this council. Those who should be held accountable and cleaning are not those responsible and their workers"

In his speech, I talk about freedom of expression as well as freedom of association " we need to know what happens, we need to denounce what happens, we need you to know everything they want to hide"

He referred to the particular case of Andrea Pastor, " We can not lead a political director or mayor is the one that decides what can be said or not. And depending on what she looks good or not, what seems lie or truth, you can pull a person on the street".

He concluded his plea, " we are not here just to defend the right to freedom of our delegate or freedom of our union, we are to defend the freedom of everyone, and especially the freedom of our children, and those who will come after us, all together We will get it".

The demonstration was running very orderly and quiet without any alteration.

Placards at the rally

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  1. Tania says:

    Because everyone talks about the changes in politicians and none have yet asked for The Free Judicial Power - which is the basis of transparent politics and that has the leaders at bay and that it will not be possible to rob people so easily since they will have to answer to the judges and citizens …… ..