Day or night ... what mascletà do you stay with in Dénia?

19 March 2016 - 00: 47

Fallas and fire are synonymous, words that it is impossible to separate when we speak of the party par excellence in Dénia and the Valencian Community. But ... what about the noise? that noise that becomes music for our ears in the form of firecrackers or mascletà.

Programming flaws in Dénia offers the opportunity to enjoy two similar fireworks in shape but different in content. On the one hand, mascletà daytime, a symphony of rockets, firecrackers and masclets in the case of Dénia have a reference point: Glorieta Country Valencià, from where the fails Center shoots, historically, its three mascletaes falleras.

And if the Glorieta is the central point for the Center fault, for some time now, the Jaume I square has become the proper place for the Local Board Fallera Denia, which has made this place great square of shooting mascletaes night that trigger the three days of failures, flooding the city sky light spring is just around the corner.

And which one do you prefer?

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  1. Monica says:

    They are different, both very good and I like them