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Condemned to the Curb is preparing to enjoy the summer again in order to promote personal autonomy

29 June 2020 - 13: 24

As usual, Condenados al Bordillo is once again launching its star project for these dates: “Enjoying Summer 2020”.

Although the realization of outdoor recreational activities will be the protagonists of this project, as well as the baths at the tip of Raset with amphibious vehicles for people who move in wheelchairs, thanks to the collaboration and delivery of the Dénia Red Cross , the main intention of this project is to give continuity to the activities that are carried out throughout the year.

For this reason, this project also offers different activities during the summer period, aimed at people with different abilities, in order to promote the personal autonomy of all the participants. In addition, this initiative tries that the relatives can have a temporary respite.

Users of the Association with very different profiles and ages will participate in this project, together with the collaboration of volunteers and seven workers (four of them with different capacities).

The novelty of this year is that, in order to comply with all the security measures required by the special circumstances of the moment, the number of people in the working groups has been greatly reduced and the type of activities has been modified. Likewise, in order to offer a better service, the group work will be carried out in different public facilities that the City Council of Dénia has assigned as Llunatics, IES Maria Ibars and Colegio Raquel Payá. In this way, a good and correct distribution of the groups can be carried out. And, in addition, special attention will be paid to large dependents.

The Project is carried out thanks to the collaboration of Pfizer, Dénia City Council and various individuals.

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