The old town and the center of Dénia

16 June 2015 - 09: 43

The Old Town and historical center of Dénia has a special charm, which reflects the ancient history of a lively city that now focuses its efforts on serving the multitudinous tourists who visit us each year.

Map Historical Center Dénia

Representative places and monuments

Undoubtedly, the most representative and important monument of the city has been in the historical center in the neighborhood Les Roques. we talk about Dénia CastleThe monument complex that houses the beginnings of history Dianense and each year thousands of people visit.

Dénia Castle

Once there, it is worth touring the historic district of Les Roques and wander through its pedestrian streets that fall within the castle walls.

Also in the old town of Denia are two churches: the convent of the Augustinians, in the Loreto street and the Church of the Assumption, in the Plaza de la Constitución. Very close there, in the Plaza del Consell, you can access the tunnel of the Castle, which joins the two parts of the city along the route that was created to protect citizens during the Civil War.

Stroll through the historic center is enjoy places like La GlorietaSmall but charming; the pedestrian shopping street Cop; the return to the past of Mercat Municipal or innovative and renovated Plaza del Consell.

Dénia Glorieta

If what you want is difrutar good local cuisine, is a must walk down the street Loreto looking for a restaurant to suit our tastes and needs, while if you prefer to enjoy the commercial and hospitality life city ​​tour plays the main artery of Denia, the Calle Marques de Campo.

Hotels and restaurants in the historic center of Dénia

The historic town of Denia, along with the port, the place that welcomes more restaurants per square meter.

Notably, as mentioned above, the density of restaurants we found in Loreto Street, a pedestrian street that starts next to the Town Hall Square, or Constitution and walking to the Avenida de Valencia.

Calle Loreto

It is also a place of concentration of restaurants Calle Marques de Campo, with an extensive range of dining options that allow visitors to enjoy the best bite of the city of Denia.

As for the hotels, although most are concentrated in the port area and the beaches, the historic center has hostels such as Hostal Loreto, on the street with the same name and several on the way up to the Castle.

Houses in the old town of Dénia

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